Phillies Prospect Breakdown: Alexis De La Cruz, RHP, FCL Phillies, RK

The big catch of the 2023 international signing period for the Phillies is no doubt Starlyn Caba, who fetched a $3 million bonus. But it might be a much more productive class than just the shortstop and the Phillies have done it with some bargain shopping, getting Eduardo Tait for $90,000 and De La Cruz for just $20K. The big right-hander put his name on the map with a solid debut in the Dominican Summer League, striking out nearly 12.5 per nine over 31 1/3 innings of work.

De La Cruz has size and arm strength already working in his favor at 6-foot-6. He already had plenty of fastballs, getting his heater routinely into the mid-90s. He couples it with a solid mid-80s slider with a sweep that misses a lot of bats. He has shown some feel for a changeup, but it’s well behind the other two offerings.

A former basketball player, De La Cruz is relatively new to pitching, so while he needs to refine his command, the fact that he showed any feel for pitching out of the gate is encouraging. His athleticism plays on the mound in a Taijuan Walker kind of way (Walker’s first sport was also basketball) and the Phillies are excited to see what he can do stateside for the first time.

Matt Bednarczyk
Matt Bednarczyk

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