Phillies Prospect Breakdown: Devin Saltiban, SS, FCL Phillies, Rookie League

The Player

Drafted in the 3rd round (98th overall) by the Philadelphia Phillies in 2023 (signed for $602,500). Saltiban isn’t the biggest player at 5-foot-10, he’s strong and compact. There is a lot of confidence in his right-handed bat. He has a quick swing and excellent bat speed that was on display during his brief debut in the Florida Complex League last summer.

Saltiban is the top Hawaiian prospect in the class and a late riser who impressed scouts this spring with a solid all-around package of tools. A 6-foot, 185-pound righthanded hitter, Saltiban has a polished, aggressive swing with a lot of bat speed and a chance for above-average power.

His competition level in Hawaii wasn’t the greatest, and scouts don’t have much history with him facing quality velocity and secondary stuff, so hit tool evaluations could vary strongly, but Saltiban played in the MLB Draft League after the season to get more reps against more advanced arms.

He has turned in plus run times and should settle in as an above-average runner in the future, with split opinions. The Phillies see him more as a shortstop than a centerfielder. He has an above-average arm that could allow him to play either corner well, and some teams think he’ll outgrow center field while others think he has the speed, instincts, and defensive chops to stick up the middle.


  Saltiban has a smooth, simple swing that the Phillies believe should produce a combination of average and power, and noted that his amateur exit velocities were better than average for the typical 18-year-old.

The biggest caveat is that he hasn’t had much experience against the type of high-velocity fastballs he’ll see in pro ball. He has plenty of bat speed, however, which should help him get to 55-grade power.

 Saltiban’s last experience as a shortstop came when he was in Little League, so his development at the position might take a bit of patience. In a system with Trea Turner in the big leagues and a host of prospects already at the position, he’ll have plenty of leash to develop. Saltiban earns above-average marks for his speed and throwing arm.

Saltiban should reach Low-A in 2024, depending on how the team deploys the rest of its young middle infielders. He’s a risky prospect who could provide plenty of value one day.

Matt Bednarczyk
Matt Bednarczyk

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