Pick Ems

With another five weeks on the completed board, The King of the Magic 8 Ball still holds the lead.

Sniffles and Covid Still are the Forefront.

The current standings showing Ross McLouglin pushing the sand from his thong and taking his 8 ball out of the gym bag to continue to lead the crowd with an 18-6 record.

Shawn Slaght, with help from his favorite Poltergeist, is not far behind with his 16-8 record.

After those two, there is a drop off as we are sitting and waiting for the implosion.

The Philly Swami, Kevin, apparently sobered up.and holds third place with a metz a metz, 12-12 score.

The sooth sayers from the East, Gary, “How’s My Hair” Groob and the self anointed legend of New England…or maybe, South England,”Muffler” Mike Kostiuk got humbled last week and shares an 11-13 record with Gary Groob,

We Start With …

The mystic from New England the somewhat lovely and talented (his wife gave me 20 bucks to say that), The Man, The Myth the Legend..Muffler Mike Kostiuk.

Muffler’s Week 7 Pickems

Buffalo. Too difficult to bet against the Bandits at home, especially after last week’s performance. Georgia may be even more desperate to keep pace in the East after losing a close one in Philly last week, but draws the short stick.

San Diego. Another short stick drawn, this time by the Rush. The Seals are starting to hit a stride that perhaps no one in the West will be able to break.

Philadelphia. The FireWolves looked impressive in making a 180-degree turn last week, but typically struggle to match the Wings’ mojo at home.

Toronto. Halifax hasn’t played in a month, and the Rock will be out to avenge the result of their previous game against the Thunderbirds.

New York. The Riptide haven’t played in a month either, but can’t use the “Expansion Team Growing Pains” excuse if they drop to 0-4.

We move far North and the Wizard of Costco, Gary “Is this mic On?” .Groob.

Georgia vs. Buffalo

Buffalo wins

The Bandits are a very well balanced team. Bruising defense will give the Thompsons fits all night. Matt Vinc playing goal like a 20 year old. Josh Byrne, Chase Fraser, Dhane Smith, et all will get plenty of opportunities.

SD vs. Saskatchewan

SD wins

The Seals are the most balanced team in the league, and will show it once again in this game. I have been saying all year that this Rush team isn’t the same as the ones that were so dominant for so long. It will be a close game, but the edge goes to San Diego.

Albany vs. Philadelphia

Philadelphia wins

The Wings know how to win! They have proved it again and again.
Albany got their first win last week, but I believe the win stream stops at one.

Halifax vs. Toronto

Toronto wins

The Rock will have a full lineup, and a fire in theor belly after last week’s drubbing to the Buffalo Bandits.
The Thunderbirds will be a bit rusty after having a month off, and will take a bit of time to get back in sync.

Panther City Lacrosse Club vs. New York Riptide

New York Riptide

This is the breakout game.

The interesting thing in this game is the assistant coach of PCLC Dan Teat vs. His son Jeff Teat of the NY Riptide…they have never been on opposing sides!

Look for Teat and Crawford to have big games for

Going out West to Shawn ” Three Fingers” Slaght

Georgia vs. Buffalo
Pick – Buffalo

The Bandits are a juggernaut, plain and simple. Meanwhile, Georgia needs to find some consistency. I think the Swarm can keep it close, but Buffalo is the better team.

SD vs. Saskatchewan
Pick – San Diego

Where to begin. The Seals are off to a hot start and no one is stopping them now. The Rush have issues. Their normally hit power offence is getting shots on net, but not quality chances. This game won’t be close.

Albany vs. Philadelphia
Pick – Philadelphia

Albany had a strong game against Saskatchewan last weekend but can they string together two in a row? I think Philly will be too much for them. Give the Wings the win by two or three goals.

Halifax vs. Toronto
Pick – Halifax

I’ll admit I’m out on a limb a bit with this pick. I like what Halifax brings to the table. This game is a coin flip, but I’ll go with the T-birds.

Panther City Lacrosse Club vs. New York Riptide
Pick – New York

The Riptide are far from the best team in the league. That being said they are much improved compared to last year. If Panther City is going to get their first win, this is the game, but I just don’t see it happening.

The moment you mostly been waiting for, we woke up Ross, g

We got a paint roller and applied a 905 Sunblock and sprayed him down with ice water…shh.. that’s what he thought it was.

Georgia vs. Buffalo
Winner – Buffalo

The Bandits are going to mop the floor with the Swarm. Bandits have too much offense.

SD vs. Saskatchewan
Winner – San Diego

This one is going to be a lot closer than everyone thinks, the Seals have 8+ players out on Covid protocol. Look for the First AMERICAN Box Goalie to start in the last ten years to be Moose Whinery in the net for San Diego. But even without 8 players the Seals still have too much offense for the Rush. But it’s going to come down to the wire.

Albany vs. Philadelphia
Winner – Philadelphia

Wings are looking good, Depends on which Jamison shows up in the net for Ablany.

Halifax vs. Toronto
Winner – Halifax

Solid offense vs Solid Defense. Depends on who is rusty, and who is just rested. Look for Captain America and Dangerous Dan to put up a few goals, but I think Hossack is going to be a huge factor.

Panther City Lacrosse Club vs. New York Riptide
Winner – Panther City

If Panther City puts up the numbers they did in San Diego they will be looking at a W. Riptide just are not looking impressive this year. One thing is for sure, at the end of this game one team is going to be 0-4 and one team will be 1-3.

We are not gonna wake you up for the Legend, (it’s nice when you write this post) Mr.500, Kevin ,”The Philly Psychic…or Psycho” Neibauer.



The Bandits are the Beast of the East.. Until someone proves me wrong. Georgia started to put it together against Philadellhis but, Buffalo is in mid season form

San Diego-Saskarchewan

The Rush

I was all over San Diego this week but, a rash of sniffles and coughs have made San Diego very shorthanded and simy cannot pull off being short handed for a second week.



Another game I was back and forth about.. Philly is just too dominant at home.. Three goal win.



While Halifax is a better team,on paper, coming off a long layoff and will start slow.The Rock will start fast and hang on inwbat figures to be a classic.

Panther City-New York

Panther City

Despite the records, this shapes up to be a great game. Pantber City has improved in each game and this will jumpstart them to making noise in the NLL.

Kevin Neibauer
Kevin Neibauer

Kevin has followed and promoted the game of lacrosse since May 19, 1974.
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