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Here we go once again.
The leader board has not changed but, the Philly Flash, Kevin must have stolen Ross’ Magic 8 Ball and went 6-1 which gives him a 9-1 record over the past 10 games.

Last week Ross went 5-2, Shawn also was 5-2, Kevin was 6-1, Gary and Muffler Mike both posted a 4-3 record.

Updated standings are as follows, Ross still atop with his 29-11 followed by Shawn with 26-13, Kevin at 23-16 Gary with his 19-20 and Muffler posting 18-21.

The experts have checked in and we start off with Gary, who had a case of brain freeze with all the snow he endured.

Gary Groob

Riptide vs. Thunderbirds

New York wins

The New York Riptide are on the verge of something really great! They should have beaten Buffalo last week and will beat Halifax this week.

Albany vs. Georgia

Georgia wins

Poulin has a big night in net, Lyle Thompson has a big night Offensively…look also for Shayne Jackson to also have a big night.

Georgia vs. Albany 2

Albany wins

A rebound night, with Andrew Kew leading the Wolves to victory.

Knighthawks vs. Bandits

Buffalo wins

There really isn’t a comparison of these two teams. Although Rochester is a good team, the Bandits are a great team! Buffalo knows how to win, and will win in this matchup.

Toronto vs. Philadelphia

Toronto wins

While these teams matchup very well, a healthy Rock lineup has a slight offensive edge. Look for Higgins to get tested early and often. Nick Rose had a rough outing two weeks ago, but with Brandon Miller as his coach, the two righted the ship, and Rose is back to his old self in net.

Calgary vs. Colorado

Colorado wins

The Mammoth have the ability to play any style you want to throw at them. Then can score, but more importantly have a solid defense, which will frustrate the Roughnecks all night.

PCLC vs. Vancouver

Vancouver wins

As much as I want to see PCLC win this game, the Warriors are a more cohesive team, solid in offense and defense. While PCLC is getting better, they still have a little way to go.

Ross “The Boss” McLoughlin

Riptide vs. Thunderbirds

Winner Halifax

The New York Riptide are not as good as last weeks showing vs Buffalo looked like.

Albany vs. Georgia

Winner Firewolves

Georgia is a shadow of its former self.

Georgia vs. Albany 2

Winner Firewolves

Georgia is just going to come up short.

Knighthawks vs. Bandits

Winner Buffalo

Bandits are a great team, Knighthawks are a bunch of brawlers.

Toronto vs. Philadelphia

Winner Wings

Wings have this game it will be close, but Toronto just is not up to playing the Wings right now.

Calgary vs. Colorado

Winner Calgary

Fresh off last weeks loss the Roughnecks will rebound this week and put together 4 quarters of good lacrosse.

PCLC vs. Vancouver

Winner Vancouver

Panther City has to many holes, The Warriors are a much better team than they were 2 years ago and are digging themselves out of the bottom of the division.

“Muffler” Mike, the New England Monarch

New York. Momentum from last week carries over for both teams, which spells trouble for the Thunderbirds.

Albany. Doug Jamieson outduels Mike Poulin in the Hive. Thompson and Jackson struggle against one of the top defensive units in the league.

Albany. I talked about a sense of desperation with the Swarm a few weeks ago, then stopped. Time to start that conversation again.

Buffalo. Knighthawks put up a fight on the scoreboard (and probably with their fists too) but ultimately can’t keep pace with the clear frontrunner of the league.

Philadelphia. No questioning the Wings’ offensive firepower. The question to consider going forward will be how they fare with most of the second half of their schedule being road games.

Colorado. More momentum issues – this time, it’s Dillon Ward who continues to keep Calgary off the scoreboard.

Vancouver. Both teams need to find consistency – the Warriors find it first with their offense getting back on track.

Out West we Trek to the Minister of Western Lacrosse,

Shawn Slaght

New York vs. Halifax
Pick – Halifax

Have the Riptide improved? Absolutely! Are they in the upper echelon of teams like Halifax? Not yet. I’m thinking it’ll be Halifax by two or three goals.

Albany vs. Georgia
Pick – Albany

I’m still baffled with Georgia. There is just no consistency. Meanwhile, Albany is starting to make a run at the top of the standings.

Georgia vs. Albany (Game 2)
Pick – Georgia

I have a feeling this will be a bit of a sloppy game as both teams will be tired. I’m simply giving Georgia the edge because it tough to beat a team twice two nights in a row.

Rochester vs. Buffalo
Pick – Buffalo

No question Buffalo is the better team by far. Not much else to say. Bandits in a landslide.

Toronto vs. Philadelphia
Pick – Philadelphia

This is going to be a close one. Two contenders going head-to-head. I’m going with the Wings as they seem to bring their game to another level against other top teams.

calgary- Colorado

My brain says Calgary but my gut says Colorado so I’m going to gamble and go with my gut. The Mammoth had a slow start to the season but they’ve now got a couple good wins under their belt.

PCLC vs. Vancouver
Pick – Vancouver

Vancouver is definitely not cellar dwellers anymore. That and PCLC showed last week in Saskatoon that they just aren’t a good team right now.

The Moment You Have All Been Waiting For…Well, my family…(had to pay them though)

The One, The Only ( Many people are happy about that..)

Kevin “Much Ado About Nothing” Neibauer

New York-Halifax


While New York is making strides, this will be close but, the Riptide needs how to “win”..



The Firestarters seem to have found their MOJO while the Swarm are struggling…this will be close but, no cigar for the Swarm

Georgia-Albany Part Deux


A sluggish game that the Swarm absolutely has to have.. Mike Poulin steals player of the Game to keep the Georgia chances alive.



The Bandits had to go to overtime to Best New York..

Surely,they didn’t like it…this will be the Tehoka Nanticoke- Chris Cloutier party with a half dozen Dhane Smith helpers.



The Wings offense outlasts the Rock offense. This has the markings of a 15-14 game…Although, Philly dodged a bullet in the Georgia game with a sleeper first half, Philly starts strong and holds on.

Out West We Go…

Calgary- Colorado.


The Mammoth are the “sleeper” team in the NLL.

They are hungry and have a great mix of vets and youth.

Calgary has taken a few steps backwards and can’t compete with the legs of the Mammoth.

Panther City- Vancouver


Much like New York, the Warriors are making strides

This wil be close but, Mitch Jones will.be the difference.

Pick Ems…

Gary Groob
Gary Groob

Gary Groob has been involved with Lacrosse for the majority of his life, whether playing, coaching, or covering the sport for the media.

An avid fan, with a real drive about helping to “grow the game”, Gary became part of podcasts about the game in 2010. Through the podcasts, Mr. Groob was given an opportunity to write about lacrosse, and the rest as they say, is history.

Through many miles (flying and driving) Gary has made inroads with the National Lacrosse League, Major Series Lacrosse League, the Ontario Lacrosse Association, as well as the Arena Lacrosse League, covering the leagues, their teams, and players, working for, and in concert with all of them.

In the year 2020, Mr. Groob was made the media person for the Arena Lacrosse League, voted onto the board of directors of the Brampton Excelsiors Lacrosse Club, as well as being made administrator of the Lacrosse page “Global Lacrosse” with a membership of 9000 members in over 90 Countries. Gary was also made an administrator of Lacrosse History Past Present and Future in 2022.

Mr. Groob co-hosts a weekly Lacrosse show on Spanglish Sports World, and ZingoTV channel 250, as well as writes a weekly lacrosse column for La Portada Canada News (both in print, and online).

Gary also hosts a Lacrosse talk show and podcast for The Edge of Philly Sports Network, seen live Sunday nights at 9pm (ET), and archived on the Edge of Philly YouTube page, as well as Spotify.

Mr. Groob’s other sports interests include Hockey, Football, Boxing, Wrestling, and Baseball, competing competitively in Boxing and Wrestling for many years.