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Looks like we will drop 7 units in Golf this weekend. Golf is so difficult to win the way we attack it we only have to win 1 or 2 weeks a year to make a profit. Three weeks ago we took a 42-1 shot in the first round then rolled 10 of those units (yes I wish I had doubled it) to the eventual winner Bryson Dechambeau so we took home 52 units for the week.

With an average weekend of 5-8 units wagered we banked a lot of chances to strike again. Got close last week with Hovland. This week we had no idea Brooks Koepka was fighting a nagging knee injury. He waited until after today to inform the public. Oh well, we move on. With Cantlay and Hovland out of it and Palmer literally collapsing when he had a chance to take over the round on 15 its safe to say we will leave the 7 units behind and move on to next week. We remain +39 units in the PGA but you have to own the losses as well as the wins.

MLB Wagers

Baseball is back this week and futures are a small part of our platform. I typically would NEVER take a favorite in any sport ( exception the Warriors a few years ago) and that philosophy as done me very well. But when it came to who I think will win the World Series all roads led back to one team. Time to place your baseball bets.

I broke down the serious contenders and realized each one has suffered a significant loss of talent going into next week. The Dodgers while acquiring Mookie Bets lost both David Price and another 10 wins from Kenta Maeda. The Astros lost Gerrit Cole and have a lot of turmoil surrounding them. The defending champs lost Anthony Rendon.

The Yankees are loaded. Not only did they acquire Cole the delay of the season ensured James Paxton would be ready. I HATE taking a favorite but I am picking the Yankees at ( 4-1 ) to win the 2020 World Series.

If you are looking for value there are some to select from. The Mets, Reds, Angels Rays, Phillies, and Twins all have a great return for your risk. Place your baseball bets for MVPs with the next selection.

MLB MVP Options

American League MVP

  • Gleyber Torres ( 20-1 )
  • Marcus Semien ( 40-1 )
  • Gerrit Cole ( 35-1 )

National League MVP

  • Bryce Harper ( 13-1 )
  • J T Realmuto ( 50-1 )
  • Trea Turner ( 60-1 )

Check back on Thursday for opening day plays. Also, follow us on Twitter for up-to-date picks.

Al Zaffiri
Al Zaffiri

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