Post Game Feelings About Wentz Injury

Big Al reporting from LAX. What a hell of an emotional roller coaster ride today’s game turned out to be. With what happened today you would expect an Eagles fan not to be somber. The Eagles win, and they take 1st place again in the NFC with the Vikings losing, Wentz breaking an Eagles Franchise record, and the birds clinching the NFC East.

Wentz going down and people already speculating a torn ACL makes it hard to smile at passing Rams fans. The only thing we as Birds fan can do is hold our breath and be positive. Hope for something that may require a few weeks of rest at worst.

The only thing I can say is that Wentz showed toughness playing with a bad knee all while still getting the touchdown. My anger is pointed at Doug Peterson for putting Carson in these situations. His lack of run game pressured our young and gutsy QB into putting himself in hot spots. The defense played like garbage for 3 quarters of the game. Jared Goff look like a MVP candidate against our Defense. I could go on, but my blood pressure rises higher and higher.
All I can say is be positive Eagles fans and let’s see what an MRI in Philly says Monday morning. Let’s pray for our young franchise QB. #FlyEaglesFly

Al Zaffiri

Al Zaffiri

Al is one of the two co-creators of Edge of Philly Sports. Al started radio and podcasting in 2012 and covering sports in 2015. A lifelong Philly sports fan since watching the Eagles, Phillies, Sixers, and Flyers with his grandfathers at age 7. Al always looks at the other side of the hot topics and gives his different outlook on those topics. Web and Graphic Design.



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