Premier Streaming Network Showcase Results

Saturday, the Premier Streaming Network hosted an electrifying wrestling showcase on its premier network. This thrilling event brought together some of the most prominent companies on the streaming platform to showcase their unique offerings to a global audience. From jaw-dropping wrestling moves to awe-inspiring performances, the showcase had it all! It was an unforgettable experience for both the participants and viewers alike. The atmosphere and energy of this event was truly remarkable. From the moment the first match began, the audience was completely captivated by the speed and intensity of the action. Each company was allotted a strict ten or fifteen-minute time limit for their matches, which resulted in fast-paced and exhilarating performances. The fans were on the edge of their seats throughout the entire event, as there was never a dull moment from the first bell to the last.

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On Saturday night, Premier also crowned the inaugural champions of the Premier Streaming Network Men’s and Women’s championships. These Men and Women titles will now travel to companies streaming on Premier Streaming network. Allowing their best to battle for a chance to be crowned the Premier champion. The Showcase was an outstanding event that showcased the best of Premier Streaming Services and all the independent promotions. The wrestlers displayed their remarkable skills and athleticism, leaving the crowd in awe and cheering for more. Overall, it was an unforgettable night that genuinely captured the essence of professional wrestling. Fan’s looking to catch the replay can do so at


Pre-show Matches:

  • Breaux Keller (c) def Smiley & Tarzan Duran to retain championship
  • Mike McCarthy (c) def Steven Stetson to retain championship
  • Sunny Zhai def Facade
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Main Card Matches:

  • Joey Ace def Clutch Rockwell
  • Jake Omen def Carson Drake
  • Colby Corino (c) def Darius Carter 
  • Six Man Tag Match: Ace Of Space Academy (Leon St. Giovanni, Max St. Giovanni, & GKM) def Yoscifer Ell, El Magnifico, & Skyler Mack
  •  Steph De Lander def Rachel Ellering to become new champion
  • Alex Divine def Ryan Zukko
  • Griffin McCoy def Matt Quay
  • Kayla Sparks (c) def Veda Scott 
  • Danny Maff def KC Navarro
  • Matt Cardona def Charles Mason & Jacob Fatu

Women’s Premier Streaming Network Championship Match

The co-main event for the Premier Streaming Network women’s title featured two of the best wrestlers, regardless of gender, currently in professional wrestling. This match saw the Indy Goddess Steph De Lander take on the Queen of Strong Smile, Rachael Ellering. Steph, with her dynamic and captivating presence, expertly stirred up negative emotions and generated intense heel heat right from the beginning of the event, even during the preshow. She skillfully worked the crowd, turning them against her and making it clear who they should be rooting for.

Her ability to play the role of a convincing villain was strong. The fans were entirely behind Ellering, eager to see her triumph over Steph’s nefarious schemes. The match was a thrilling display of athleticism and skill, with both competitors trading blows and executing impressive maneuvers. Amidst the action, the sound of hard-hitting chops echoed throughout the arena, leaving the crowd on the edge of their seats. However, Steph’s cunning tactics came into play when the referee was momentarily distracted. She seized the opportunity to strike her opponent with the belt, using it as a weapon to gain the upper hand. With precision and determination, she secured the victory and made history as the first Premier Streaming Network Women’s Champion

Men’s Premier Streaming Network Championship Match

The scheduled main event for the night was supposed to feature Indy God Matt Cardona against the original indy wrestler Colt Cabana. However, as the saying in professional wrestling goes the lineup is always subject to change. Colt tweeted out earlier in the afternoon he would not be able to make the event due to travel issues in Canada. Premier Wrestling knew they had to deliver for the fans who travel to the event and those watching on the Premier network. The event organizers were able to pull off a remarkable feat using their connections and resources. The highly anticipated House of Glory showcase match, which was originally intended to be a one-on-one match between Fatu and Charles Mason, has now evolved into a thrilling triple-threat match.

The match would now feature three top-notch wrestlers, namely Mason, Fatu, and Cardona, each bringing their own unique style and strategy to the ring. Furthermore, the stakes have been raised significantly, as the match would determine the winner of both the House of Glory world title, which is currently held by Matt Cardona, and the Premier streaming title. This means that the winner of the match walks away with both titles. The match was filled with action and intensity, as all three men were eager to become the first-ever Premier champion. Matt Cardona won the match with help from both Steph De Lander and Josh Shernoff, co-owner of the Premier Streaming service. He pinned Charles Mason to become the first-ever Premier Streaming network men’s champion.

Matt Cardona Media Scrum

Matt Cardona, widely known as the “Belt Collector,” secured another championship title on Saturday. Fans present at the event noticed that Matt was running out of space to hold all his belts and made him aware of this fact. After the event, media had the opportunity to participate in a scrum with both winners of the night’s headline matches. So of course I had to ask Matt is he ever going to be content. Or will he look to capture all the gold in the Indies?

Whats Next For The Showcase and Premier Streaming

At the media scrum that followed the event, the wrestlers weren’t the only ones answering questions. Members of the media present at the event also had the chance to speak with Fred and Josh Shernoff, the owners of Premier Streaming service. The night’s professional wrestling was truly spectacular, and thus, I took the opportunity to inquire about the future of the Showcase event. Would it be an annual event, or was it a one-off?

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Joey Wood

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