Royal Rumble Preview

This Saturday, WWE will kick off the journey to WrestleMania with their highly anticipated event – the Royal Rumble. Taking place at Tropicana Field in Tampa, Florida, the Royal Rumble is a thrilling spectacle filled with surprises and uncertainty. Fans eagerly await to see which wrestler will emerge victorious, and this year is no exception. With several top-tier performers vying for the coveted prize. WWE finds itself in a unique situation where five or six wrestlers could realistically be crowned the winner. The highly anticipated rumble match is just around the corner and as tradition dictates. The victor of the match will be granted the coveted opportunity to select their opponent for the main event at WrestleMania.

With this ultimate prize on the line, the stakes are higher than ever before. The competition is sure to be fierce as the top contenders battle it out for a chance at glory. Fans who are interested in watching this Pay-Per-View event can stream it live. On the Peacock app, starting at 7 pm on Saturday. This is a special occasion for Edge of Philly Sports as we will be there, covering the event as media credentials for WWE to provide the latest updates on our site.

Royal Rumble Card

  • Men’s Royal Rumble
  • Women’s Royal Rumble
  • WWE United States Championship: Logan Paul (c) vs. Kevin Owens
  • Undisputed WWE Universal championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles vs. LA Knight

Women’s Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble is an electrifying match that always manages to capture the attention of wrestling fans. Thirty of the most talented women in the industry will battle it out for a chance to headline WrestleMania. The rules of the Rumble are simple yet challenging. The only way to eliminate someone from the match is to throw them over the top rope. With both feet touching the floor.

As always, there are many contenders for the crown. Two names are currently on everyone’s lips: Becky Lynch and Bayley. Becky Lynch is a bona fide superstar who has not been in the title picture for quite some time. Despite this, she continues to shine and deserves to be in the main event scene. A match between Becky and Rhea at WrestleMania would be an epic showdow. One of the biggest matches that the WWE could currently make for the women’s division.

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As for Bayley, she has been in a storyline with Damage Control for the past year. It seems like all good things must come to an end. Bayley started as a family-friendly babyface. WWE may be planning to get Bayley back to this point by having Damage Control turn on her. One possible storyline that could develop is the Evolution storyline. If Bayley wins the Rumble, she could pick her group mate Io as her opponent at WrestleMania. Creating a captivating match that would leave fans on the edge of their seats.

The question on a lot of fans minds is will Jade finally debut at the Rumble. Jade was a huge star in AEW and a big get for WWE. However, we haven’t heard much of anything from her since the news broke that she signed to WWE. The Rumble could be where we see Jade debut.

WWE United States Championship: Logan Paul (c) vs. Kevin Owens

It’s simply remarkable to think that Kevin Owens has already spent almost a decade in WWE. Consistently proving himself as a reliable and hardworking performer who always delivers an impressive performance no matter who he faces in the ring. Recently, Owens emerged victorious in the WWE United States Championship No.1 Contender’s Tournament, earning himself the coveted opportunity to challenge Logan Paul for the US title at the upcoming Royal Rumble event.

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Logan Paul, who first rose to fame as a YouTube sensation, has stunned audiences with his natural talent in the ring, putting on breathtaking matches despite his lack of prior wrestling experience. His star power is undeniable, making him a wise choice to hold the US Championship title. With these two exceptional athletes set to face off, fans can expect nothing short of a spectacular showdown. While both Owens and Paul are formidable opponents, I personally believe that Paul will emerge victorious, defending his title on the biggest stage of them all.

Undisputed WWE Universal championship

For more than three years, Roman Reigns has been at the forefront of the WWE Universe, captivating audiences with his stunning performances. This Saturday, he faces one of his most significant challenges yet, as he puts his title on the line in a high-stakes fatal four-way match. What makes this match unique is that the champion can lose the title without being pinned. For instance, if one of the other contenders’ pins another, Roman would lose the title. This would be a devastating blow to his historic title run, which has already established him as one of the greatest WWE champions of all time.

The upcoming match features some of the biggest stars on Smackdown. Engaged in a fierce battle for the coveted Universal title. LA Knight, who has been on a meteoric rise in the WWE, has amassed a massive fan following and is poised to make a name for himself. Randy, a living legend in the game, brings his unmatched experience and technical prowess to the ring. And then there is AJ Styles, one of the world’s most talented and skilled wrestlers, who is sure to give Roman a run for his money.

With such a star-studded lineup, any of these three titans could realistically take the belt off Roman, leaving the WWE Universe on the edge of their seats. However, it’s hard to imagine the WWE taking the belt off Roman and not giving him the chance to headline another main event at WrestleMania.

Men’s Royal Rumble

Just like the women’s match, the Royal Rumble is one of the most exciting events in WWE where the last wrestler standing is declared the winner. The Rumble victor earns the opportunity to main-event WrestleMania against the reigning champion of their choice. However, with so many big-name stars currently positioned at the top of WWE, it’s challenging to predict who will emerge victorious in this year’s Rumble. The match is expected to be highly competitive, with several top-tier superstars vying for the coveted championship. In this context, let’s take a closer look at some of the prominent names who could potentially win the Rumble.

Breaking Down who could win.

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes is a popular name among fans when discussing the Royal Rumble. He emerged as the winner of the Rumble last year and used that as an opportunity to kickstart a captivating storyline. The storyline revolves around fulfilling a long-standing ambition of Cody’s – winning a title while his father Dusty Rhodes was alive. He spoke about how Dusty’s untimely death left that story incomplete and how he was determined to finish it. Unfortunately, his efforts were unsuccessful at last year’s WrestleMania. However, Cody remains resolute in his pursuit of completing the storyline, much to the delight of his fans. Despite their eagerness to see him emerge victorious, it’s unlikely that WWE will allow him to win back-to-back years.

CM Punk

CM Punk is a legendary wrestler whose name is often mentioned by wrestling enthusiasts around the world. He has established himself as one of the biggest superstars in the industry, and his matches are always highly anticipated. The fans have been longing to see a storyline between Seth and Punk played out in the ring, and rumors are swirling that Punk might win the rumble. However, despite his fans’ unwavering support, it’s unclear whether CM Punk really needs to hold a title to feel important in the WWE. His popularity is already sky-high, and he is a massive merch seller. The fans missed him for nine long years, and their love for him isn’t going to fade away anytime soon, regardless of whether he has a belt or not.


Gunther is considered one of the top favorites to win the championship. This is largely due to his exceptional performance in the previous year’s Royal Rumble, where he broke the record and lasted for 71 minutes in the ring. Moreover, Gunther has been on a historic run as the titleholder of the IC title, surpassing the record for the longest title reign in history. However, fans are left wondering what is next for Gunther. While he has taken the IC title to its limits, it is still regarded as a mid-card title, and if WWE wants to establish Gunther as one of the top heels in the company, having him win the Rumble and headline WrestleMania would be a great way to accomplish this. Therefore, it seems probable that Gunther could win the Rumble.

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