Rumors of Klentak NOT Being Fired

A rumor have surfaced this afternoon that may have Phillies fans lose their mind. Klentak may NOT be fired?

Bob Brookover of the Philadelphia Inquirer noted that a team source said he does not think the Phillies will fire Matt Klentak.

Fans have been lead to believe otherwise over the previous week. It has been all over the media that Matt Klentak’s seat in the organization has been on fire. Ken Rosenthal reported that Klentak was on the hot seat and could lose his job if the Phillies did not make a deep playoff run. Jim Bowden from The Athletic also added that Klentak is “expected to be let go” by early this week.

Why Not Fire Klentak?

Klentak has been given credit for big moves such as signing free agents Bryce Harper and Zack Wheeler. Most people feel those signings belong to the owner of the Phillies, John Middleton. I believe Middleton was flexing his bank account muscles, especially in the Harper signing. Middleton actually had to fly to Las Vegas to persuade Harper to come to Philly. Ad

Klentak’s most important trade was the acquisition of the best catcher in the MLB, J.T. Realmuto. He even messed that up. Klentak failed to sign him to a long-term contract that lessened the value of the signing. The organization gave up possible pitching ace Sixto Sánchez. He goes on the record and says “we were trading for two years of control.” That quote alone is a firable offense in my mind.

During the season Klentak tried to improve the bullpen, but he only traded subpar player for more subpar players. Phillies are the only team in baseball with a bullpen ERA above 7.00.

With the rumors of Klentak not being fired, the simple response is that I sure hope Bob Brookover is wrong.

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Al Zaffiri
Al Zaffiri

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