Say it Ain’t So Joe

Say it ain’t so Joe. 11 games are a far cry from an adequate sample size to judge anything right? But how about 233 games.  That is the number of games managed by Joe Girardi as of this date.  With a record of 114-119 and entering the last year of a team option year (2023) contract is it time to explore the possibility of making an in-season change?

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Through 11 games of the 2022 season, the Phillies are at this time the most disappointing team in the majors and definitely in Philadelphia.  Going over the luxury tax by acquiring both Kyle Schwarber and Nick Castellanos.  Sporting a 4-7 record and failing to generate any sustainable offense coupled with frustrating starting pitching, a blah bullpen, and historically bad defense.

The 2022 Phillies are shaping up to be one of if not the most embarrassing teams that have ever taken the field in Philadelphia.


The million-dollar question.  With the pickups of Schwarber and Castellanos, the Phillies were projected to have one of the most potent lineups in all of baseball.  Combined with MV3, Hoskins, and JT the 2022 Phillies were projected to be sending balls out of many ballparks in the MLB. To date, the combination of the above-listed players has amassed to the following stat line.  Batting average .234, Hits 45, Home Runs 8, RBI 25, Strike Outs 60.  Not a stat line that jumps out at you and screams busted the luxury tax. 

Hitting is but one aspect of the game what about the other.  Pitching both the starters and bullpen seem to be stuck in spring training mode.  Phillies starters are very rarely going over 4 innings.  The bullpen seems lost in the sense that the manager seems unsure of who is reliable and who is not reliable at this moment.  This factors into nightly adventures on the mound.

Defense, defense, and oh baby defense

Through 11 games in 2022, the Phillies have committed 7 errors that average out to close to one a game.  Factor in Alec Bohm and the manager’s instance to play him the Phillies might be on their way to a record-breaking season.

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Joe must go

I am a huge Girardi fan and have always been.  I liked the way he played the game and respected his managerial work with the Yankees and the Marlins. Even I can’t overlook the fact that Joe seems lost on what to do to fix this team.

The lead-off mess at the top of the lineup is the magnification of this.  Switching Schwarber for JT (with little to no results at the moment) baffles me.  He seems uninterested or unsure of what to do in most baseball situations. This could be a direct result of his current contract situation. Say it ain’t so but Joe must go.

Matt Bednarczyk
Matt Bednarczyk

Matt Bednarczyk is your host of Talking Philly Sports With Matty B. He is a proud retired US Army Sergeant First Class, he is also a combat veteran with over 80 months served in Afganistan, and Iraq . Huge Hockey Fan. Matt is a lifelong 4 for 4 Philly sports fan. Born and raised on the Mayfair and Tacony neighborhood lines of Northeast Philly. He brings over 40 years of Philadelphia Sports passion and provides a realistic look at our Major Sports Teams and the most passionate sports fans on the planet. Look for his show live on Edge of Philly Sports.