Search down to Duce or Josh

Search down to Duce or Josh. Yes indeed, it is widely believed that the search for the next Eagles Head Coach has come down to Josh McDaniels and Eagles’ own Duce Staley. What’s the holdup? Simply they like both candidates and continue due diligence.

Both Duce and Josh came in fully prepared with the staff they could recruit both for offensive and defensive coordinators. After both interviews, the belief is Howie really likes McDaniels and Lurie was highly impressed with Duce’s ideas for on the field as well as his possible staff choice(s) from both the college level and the pros. Ad

As mentioned in Monday’s article (click here), I personally am leaning towards Josh McDaniels. However, nothing would make me happier than to see Duce get his opportunity. As long as he is the right guy for the job, of course. What makes me hesitant is the unknown amount of work he has put in with quarterbacks to this point. The team’s #1 priority on record is to get Carson right. I’m not sold Duce can do a better job than McDaniels on that very thing.

To me, the secret to success may very well be Josh hired as the Eagles next Head Coach and promote Duce to offensive coordinator. Best of both worlds. Well, either way, we should know all the answers to our questions soon.


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Joey Sheeran
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