Sixers Game 2 Preview vs The Wizards

Game 1 Look Back

With the Philadelphia 76ers taking game 1 in South Philly it is time to take a look ahead. This Sixers | Wizards games 2 preview will look into game one and ahead to Wednesday night’s matchup. As I said on our post-game breakdown on Sunday I was a bit worried that it looks like they still have zero answers for Bradley Beal as a result, they need to key in on him more. Westbrook will continue to do Westbrook-type things. You have to contain him also.

Harris a Huge Part of Sixers Game 2 Preview

The 76ers won the previous meeting 125-118. Tobias Harris scored 37 points to help lead Philadelphia to the win and Bradley Beal scored 33 points in defeat for Washington. I am hoping next game Doc tries to throw the house at Beal in fact I pray he does. If you take him out of play you take their heart. Now with the Sixers | Wizards game 2 preview ahead and game 1 behind us let’s look into what we could see tomorrow night. The Sixers are bringing in former GM Pat Croche to ring the bell. I loved Pat as the Sixers GM so this is exciting to me!

PST Vegas 1


76ers: 8-2, averaging 114.4 points, 42.7 rebounds, 26.1 assists, 8.8 steals, and 5.5 blocks per game as well as 48.0% from the field. Their opponents have averaged 107.2 points on 45.9% shooting. Wizards: 5-5, averaging 126.9 points, 46.5 rebounds, 27.9 assists, 6.7 steals, and 5.3 blocks per game while shooting 49.6%. Their opponents have averaged 124.7 points on 48.5% shooting. If we can slow down Beal a bit and continue to play that Sixers style of defense I believe the Sixers will take a strong 2 – 0 lead in this series. Thank you for checking out this Sixers | Wizards game 2 preview. For this and all your Philly sports coverage go to !

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