Sixers Max Out to Win in Atlanta

The Sixers max out to win in Atlanta this Friday night to force game 7. I don’t know what much I have to say about Game 5 but there was a lot of agony and frustration that game in so many ways. The Sixers gave up 26 points to a Hawks team was unheard of. We ask ourselves how we could nurse this hangover and how can we redeem ourselves from that horrible loss?

Slow Start

Tonight was no different in the beginning. It was like the season just to come to an end. It was over before it even started. In a game when you need to win desperately and need to go back to Philly for a deciding Game 7. The biggest elephant in the room is the smallest guy on the court, that was the play of Trae Young. He would just go off and was not going to be stopped.

The Sixers looked better in the third quarter. Curry was the leading scorer in the quarter. As for Joel Embiid, he was not having Embiid-like numbers. Embiid was more silent as the night went along in a must-win game. It was really concerning to watch. The Hawks would cut back into the game late in the third. But the Sixers would fall back and take 4 point lead going into the fourth. Harris and Seth Curry led the Sixers with 24 points apiece. Joel Embiid had a quiet 22 points and 13 rebounds.

Strong Finish

The player of the game for me is Tyrese Maxey (16 points off the bench). He looks better and more equipped in this game. Maxey is a future star in the making going into next season. He kept Philly in the game. But the question was how to stop Trae Young (34-point and 12-assist) and the Sixers from avoiding another collapse to force game 7. The Sixers played a better 2nd half than what they have been in the last two games. The Sixers were able to pull away in Atlanta and force a Game 7 on Father’s Day Sunday in front of the Philadelphia faithful and possible redemption! The sixers need to max out again for the series.

James Scorza
James Scorza

James Scorza is a Co-Host of the Pattison Ave Phanatics on Edge of Philly Sports. James attended the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. He loves Sports and Music and has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Philadelphia Sports. He may be young but is knowledgeable beyond his years.