Sixers with Another Impressive Win

The starting five of game one kick it off in game two. Why wouldn’t ya? Tyrese Maxey does not have the same start to the game as he did the prior game, but he picks it up in the second. It was ok because Embiid took the baton and ran with it. The Sixers with another impressive win. They get ready to head north across the border. Can they keep this hot streak up in Canada?

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1st quarter

Things get chippy and fast as the second game gets underway. Embiid and Anunoby shove each other with off-setting technicals. Vanvleet chalks up two triples. Embiid starts drawing the fouls early with four Raptors on him. Trent Jr. takes the blame. Siakam gives JoJo a hard foul. Officials take a peek to see if there was more than a basketball move. Siakam is charged with a common foul. The passing with the 76ers stays fluid as it was in game 1.

The Raptors get in the bonus early into the first. Joel sets up camp at the foul line again. I am sure Nick Nurse will have more choice words. Embiid sets a playoff quarter high of 19 points. That is as much as he scored in the entire first game. The only 76ers to score more in a single playoff period since 96-97 are Allen Iverson and Tyrese Maxey.

Niang hits a three at the end of the 1st. James Harden with two blocks unfortunately met with fouls each time. Maxey scored zero points in the 1st quarter. This 1st was tight with 33-32 a Toronto lead.

At the Half

Tobias Harris was scoreless in the first but gets a pretty layup to kick off the second. Danny Green hitting another triple…and another. Maxey finally adds to the score with a breakaway. Tyrese turns on the jets after a slow first quarter. Anunoby wracks up three fouls in the second. James Harden frustrates the Raptors coach with a pretty three-pointer. Harden keeps his head on a swivel and wracks up two more pointers after intercepting a soft pass.

Gary Trent Jr. gets in foul trouble before the end of the second half with four. Fred Vanvleet starts to cool off. Tyrese does his best Harden impression with the stepback three with less than a minute left. Danny Green moves up to 11th on the All-Time Playoff Three-Pointers list. Philly ends the half 21 of 23 from the Sixers end the first half with a 15-point lead. 67-52 Philly.

The Last Half of the Game

Sixers come out hot out of the locker room. Fastbreak points continue to add up. Harden to Harris for the finish. The Sixer’s defense frustrates Toronto. The Sixers keep their foot on the gas throughout the third. Trent Jr. leaves the game due to illness. Fast breaks, great passing, and stellar defense keep the Raptors on ice. Embiid drills a three from the corner and the writing was on the wall for Toronto. Maxey giving the fans a scare after falling onto the hardwood. Just for a moment before going coast to coast. Seems Embiid hyperextends his elbow a the end of the third. The Sixers keep their impressive lead with a score of 95-71.


The Final

The Sixers seem to cruise to the end of the game. Embiid returns after resting his elbow. Sixers with another impressive win over the Raptors. The Raptors go on a 20-2 run but it is stopped by a Maxey well-placed three. The Sixers take the momentum back and Toronto head back home demoralized. The Sixers win, 112-97!

Danny Green goes 3-9 from the arch. Tyrese Maxey put up 18points, 7 Assists, and 6 rebounds. He was the leading scorer. Tobias Harris with 15 points, 1 assist, and 7 rebounds. Embiid makes another MVP statement with 28 points and 11 rebounds.

Al Zaffiri
Al Zaffiri

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