Smart Move, Still a Circus

The Philadelphia Eagles have traded their 2021 1st (Pick 6) and 5th (Pick 156) round picks to the Miami Dolphins. In return, the Eagles receive Miami’s 2021 1st (Pick 12), 4th (Pick 123), and 2022 1st round picks. This is the smartest move this circus of an organization has made in quite some time. However, the problem still remains.

Smart Move

As much of a joke this front office has been this was a great move by the Eagles. Yes it means Jamar Chase is probably now out of the mix but Devonta Smith could still be in play. Besides, this teams issues go way beyond the wide receiver position. The Eagles have set themselves up for 3 first round picks in 2022. They only move back 6 spots and are able to swap a 5th for a 4th too. As a result, they are set up way better for a rebuild now.


The Problem

Well the birds have plenty of picks but the huge problem is the person making the picks. Everyone can agree that Howie Roseman drafts have been average to awful. What gives Eagles fans any confidence he can make the right picks? Some would argue to take the sure bet at 6 rather then trust Howie to make extra picks.

It is becoming very possible that potentially 4 QBs could go in the top 10 on the draft. If this happens, many options will still be on the table even at 12. They could even trade back into the top 5. Howie has wheeled and dealt picks in the past. Could they trade back again and gain even more picks? Personally, I am waiting for Devonta Smith to be there at 12 and watch Howie pass on him. Get Your Popcorn Ready!

The Circus is still in town and the same ringmaster is in charge. It is going to take more than one act to get this fanbases confidence back. For more Eagles Coverage: Click Here

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