Stars Take Down Breakers Improve To 3-3   

The Stars (2-3) welcomed the New Orleans Breakers (4-1) to Motown on Sunday. So far this season the Stars have been very unimpressive. The Breakers entered this game as one of the USFL’s powerhouses in 2023.

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Scoring Summary

The Stars, having secured an impressive USFL victory relying solely on field goals to accumulate points, took possession of the ball first. They initiated the game with a strong offensive drive, but the New Orleans Breakers managed to make a crucial defensive play, limiting the Stars to a mere field goal.

Regrettably, the Breakers’ initial offensive possession was characterized by a lack of success. Two incomplete passes and a modest gain through the middle by Wes Hills resulted in a Breakers punt.

Throughout the entire first half, the game proceeded in a back-and-forth manner, with the Stars maintaining the lead. Amani Dennis made a major impact, taking an interception to the house, which was the only touchdown of the game for Philadelphia. Towards the end of the second quarter, New Orleans finally generated something positive. McLeod Bethel-Thompson found Johnnie Dixon in the back of the end zone, pulling the game within one score. Heading into halftime, the Philadelphia Stars dominated with a 13-7 lead.

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Second Half

The second half showed improvement for the New Orleans Breakers on the offensive front, but numerous miscommunications, dropped passes, interceptions, and a multitude of penalties hindered their progress. These factors cast a pall over the Breakers’ offensive performance.

Despite defensive adjustments made by the Breakers, they were unable to contain the short, powerful rushing attacks executed by Both quarterbacks in today’s game and committed multiple turnovers. The Philadelphia Stars’ defense was relentless, which pushed them to victory. Time and time again, they shut down the Breaker’s offensive efforts.

Ultimately, Case Cookus and the Stars emerged victorious, defeating the Breakers by a score of 16-10. This loss resulted in the Breakers’ record falling to 4-2 after a four-game winning streak. the Stars’ running back, Matt Colburn II. Colburn emerged as the standout player, amassing an average of almost five yards per carry, which the Breakers were unable to counter effectively. The Stars have now worked their way back to .500 at 3-3. Next up for the Stars. The battle of Pennsylvania part 2 as the Stars look to avenge an earlier loss to the Pittsburgh Maulers. That game will be on Saturday, May 27th at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton Oh. At 9 Pm and can be seen on FS1.  

Matt Bednarczyk
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