The Disaster that is the Phillies and Eagles

The Phillies and Eagles are a disaster. Two once-proud franchises that had so much promise have become a shadow of what they once were.

Eagles Organizational Head Scratchers

The endless debate over the Eagles with Carson Wentz, Doug Pederson, and Howie “the genius” Roseman have become a train that has left the tracks. Who is to blame? Wentz, by all signs, has severely gone backward. Is it lingering effects from past and maybe current concussions? Please explain how he can go from MVP projections to a guy who seems completely lost? I am preaching to the choir. his downfall is on full display every week. Perhaps, too many voices in the head of Wentz during practice and games? Ad

Has Doug Pederson suddenly become a clueless coach? Perhaps he should storm into the office of Roseman and state firmly, “Do you want me to coach? Then let me friggin coach!” Is Doug Pederson too passive? Has Doug Pederson mentally checked out of this organization.

Now, on to Howie Roseman. He is a tremendous salary cap manager but a terrible at best, General Manager. Will Jeffrey Lurie stop the madness and clean the cupboards?

Phillies Organizational Lies

Across Pattison Avenue, we have another pending train wreck. John Middleton, the author of the famous quote, “spending stupid money.” Now he has egg on his face. Does he care more about winning or the bottom line?

All signs point to him allowing the best catcher the Phillies have had since Carlos Ruiz and, for that matter, the best in baseball in JT Realmuto, simply walk away? Same emotion from Middleton on Didi Gregorious… why? “We lost billions this season.”.  Sorry Mr. Middleton, you simply did not. With the uncertainty with world events, how many people will fork over money for Season Tickets?

Major job losses across the board. People are owed money from no attendance games on both sides of Pattison Avenue. There is still no guarantee of any full season for the MLB.

The Eagles have cashed a few thousand checks for season tickets. Business 101 tells you if you lose a customer, you may never get them back.

Trickle-down to Flyers and Sixers. The Flyers are a legitimate threat to win a Cup. The Sixers did what was needed and cleaned house and spent money that Middleton claims he no longer has. Middleton thinks we all forgot about his guaranteed long term cable deals to cover his “cash strapped” team.

Just my two cents on the Phillies and Eagles being a disaster from an organizational standpoint.

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