The Eagles Can’t Put Together Four Quarters of Football

The Philadelphia Eagles seem to have everything going for them in the first half. The Eagle’s defense held the Arizona Cardinals to 6 points through the first two-quarters of this game—Sidney Brown with a 99-yard interception touchdown. The Eagle’s offense kept things rolling with a good mix of running plays and passing plays. Jalen Hurts would be able to spread the football around, getting the open teammate over the middle or finding the one-on-one coverages that he liked. Two touchdown catches to Julio Jones in the endzone. De’ Andrea Swift was taking big chunks out with the running game. The Eagles were up 21-6 at the end of this first half.

The Eagles’ Defense Running On E

The second half of the game didn’t go how the Eagles wanted. After the Eagle’s defense held the Cardinals to only 6pts. in the first half. The Eagle’s defense quickly ran out of fuel with poor tackling, leaving the Cardinal’s offense to dismantle the Eagle’s defense completely. James Connor (The Cardinals running back) ran for 128 yards and a touchdown. Greg Dortch had 82 yards receiving. Kyle Murray had a huge day on the score sheet. 3 touchdowns thrown for 282 yards.

Johnathan Gannon Out Coaching His Former Protege

Nick Sirianni was looking to get his team a sustainable win facing his old protege. This should have been for the Eagles a get-right game. With the Cardinals only having 3 wins heading into this battle of the birds and the Eagles barely getting by the Eagles. Johnathan Gannon just outworked the Eagles that much harder.

The Cardinals may not have much to play for as far as playoff considerations. Looking into next year’s future and roster spots is a different story. Which gave this Cardinals team a little bit of an edge. Other than the Cardinals beating the Dallas Cowboys earlier in the season, this was Johnathan Gannon’s biggest win of the year. This leaves the Eagles team with more questions than answers.

Pat Bernard
Pat Bernard

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