The Eagles Organization Has Failed This Fan Base

Over the last few weeks, the Eagles have been the talk of the town, but for all the wrong reasons. In the worst division in the NFL since the 2014 NFC South (22-41-1). The Eagles are the laughing stock of the NFL and in the media. The teams with worse records are not even as bad off as Philadelphia. I do not know about you but I AM MAD AS HELL! It is simple as the headline “the Eagles organization has failed the fan base.” From the top-down and Howie Roseman’s return from the Chip Kelly exile, things have been trending in the wrong direction. This organization is torn to pieces.

Howie Roseman

My biggest culprit is our GM. You are probably saying “But we won our first Super Bowl in 2017.” We did and I will be thankful as a lifelong fan for that. He was instrumental in bringing Doug Pederson and moving up to get our franchise quarterback. With all that said he has done nothing but moved us down as a team since. Unlike Howie, I am not going to sit here and reward people for past works (Jason Peters, cough cough) Ad

Drafting Debacle

The problem is the “I am the smartest man in the room” attitude from Howie Roseman. Howie has struggled in the draft and refuses to listen to others. Between 2017 and 2019 the drafting has been horrible. Of the 18 players drafted in that time, 44% (8 players) are no longer on the team. Some not even in the league. Of the remaining 56% still, on the team (10 players) 5 players are questionable to return because they are not NFL caliber players.

Let’s look at the list.

Derek Barnett (DE)RD 1Not living up to the HypeOn the Team
Sidney Jones (CB)RD 2Couldn’t play NFL football until he leftGone
Rasul Douglas (CB)RD 3See Sidney JonesGone
Mack Hollins (WR)RD 4All Speed but no talentGone
Donnel Pomphrey (RB)RD 4REALLY!! In This Runningback ClassGone
Shelton Gibson (WR)RD 5Couldn’t Really Get off the Practice SquadGone
Nate Gerry (S)RD 5We all know this storyOn the Team
Elijah Qualls (DT)RD 6Couldn’t Really Get off the Practice SquadGone
2017 Draft
Dallas Goedert (TE)RD 2Some Injury Issues but a great Successor to ErtzOn the Team
Avonte Maddox (CB)RD 4He is OkOn the Team
Josh Sweat (DE)RD 4Starting to be a household nameOn the Team
Matt Pryor (T)RD 6Becoming a real let downOn the Team
Jordan Mailata (T)RD 4Time will tell but Maybe a surpriseOn the Team
2018 Draft
Andre Dillard (T)RD 1On his way to Bust CityOn the Team
Mile Sanders (RB)RD 2Has the potential to be greatOn the Team
JJ Arcega-Whiteside (WR)RD 2Mayor of Bust CityOn the Team
Shareef Miller (DE)RD 4Barely played 1 gameGone
Clayton ThorsonRD 5Cut before the Season StartedGone
2019 Draft

There are many more other drafting issues. Do not get me started on the DK Metcalf miss and the Jalen Hurts pick. If you want to cringe more see the rest of the drafting of Mr. Roseman.

Power Moves

One big problem Howie had with Chip Kelly was his controlling nature. Since Howie’s comeback, all reports point to him making choices of who is starting and not. Howie has controlled who the head coach has as his staff. He has signed some ridiculous contracts that have cost this team and about to put them in a difficult cap situation. Roseman has mishandled possible trade possibilities like the Deandre Hopkins. We waist second-round draft picks all the time yet not for the best wide receiver in the game. He continues to try to justify his Alshon Jeffery type contracts or Mack Collins type draft picks.

I myself have fell into the “In Howie We Trust” phenomenon. I was wrong. Dead wrong. Howie must go! End of story.

Doug Pederson

Now Howie can not take all the blame. Just the major portion. The question on the minds of Eagles fans for a while has been “Is Frank Reich responsible for Wentz’s success and ultimately the 2017 Super Bowl run?” All signs are starting to point to yes. At least the Carson success. Doug and the Eagles organization has failed us and doesn’t seem willing to change.

Doug’s play-calling has been vanilla at best. He is too stubborn to stop passing even when the run is working. His ability to think on the fly is questionable. He looks lifeless as of lately in press conferences. He seems almost like he has mentally checked out. Has he been second-guessed too much? He on multiple occasions has had his decisions overturned. Ask last year’s OC and QB coach. Per sources that did not sit well with Dougie P. Has Howie sucked the life out of Pederson or was he exposed once his 2017 support staff was removed. I think both are strong arguments.

Can Pederson Lead?

From a leadership standpoint, I see many question marks. This team has been hurt more often than not. Now I know what you are thinking. Can I blame Pederson for all the injuries? Possibly some of them. His team’s preparedness has been in question since 2018. Every off-season and bye week this team has struggled. Doug is 1-6 in all his post-bye week games since he has been the head coach. Now it is on the players to be physically ready but whose fault is it if he isn’t laying the law down. Is he overwhelmed with his current duties? Does he need an offensive coordinator? The simple answer is “YES!”

This coaching staff for a few years has not been recognizing other players’ talents in front of them? It has taken injury after injury to allow anyone in this organization to get a shot. Even then he does not stick with them and continues to go to the same wells that have let us down. (Kind of like his play-calling) Pederson seems to have an arrogance about him or is he in a power struggle with the GM.

Doug may need to go or at least make large changes. He needs to relinquish play-calling duties at the very least. He needs to lead and allow his generals to command the different parts of his team. Has the Eagles organization failed Doug Pederson? The question is has Howie and upper management ruined Doug Pederson and he now needs a change of scenery. I really feel that way.

Carson Wentz

Now start pumping your brakes before you scream about the “Bench Wentz or Trade Wentz” talk. Now, this may seem like “apologies” for Carson. Just read and then make your decision. Ultimately Wentz is on the hook for righting his own ship. But he has not received any help and this Eagles organization has failed Carson Wentz.

Carson was the talk of the league in 2017 until the terrible night in LA. Since then due to some injuries but largely not giving Wentz the tools he needs to be successful. Having Nick Foles shoved down his throat and this organization not fully committing to him has stifled his progression. When this team sorely needs help in all facets. Then Howie and Doug (or was Doug just being a puppet) pick up a quarterback in the second round of the 2020 NFL draft. Wentz needs to overcome those situations but how do you when you are being laid out by defences week after week.

Eagles Organization has Failed Wentz

Is Carson hard to teach or unwilling to listen to others? Some reports point to that but I truly do not believe all of it. He has a new offensive line every week. The play calling is pathetic. Carson seems lost and he has not got the right help to correct course. How would when your head coach occasionally throws you under the bus.

Jalen Hurts is not the answer for this team. Russell Wilson wouldn’t be the answer at this time. When you get no blocking upfront, none of your receivers can get separation, or your coach can’t draw up the right plays to work with your skill set there are not many answers at this time. This offense is out of sync. What is the problem with the preparation? I think Wentz can be great again but he may need a better leader and play-caller behind him.

The Eagles Organization has Failed

Jim Schwartz is not getting off the hook that easily. It is simple with Schwartz. A new GM will want his own head coach and the HC will want to pick his coordinators. See you later Jim.

It is time for a change. Howie does not know talent and can not trade worth a damn. He is not the “smartest man in the room” and it is clear as day. Howie must go. Doug Pederson needs to make significant changes in preparation, play-calling, and his overall system but it may be time for a change. Carson Wentz needs to find himself and correct his problems but he needs better leadership from the top down.

This team is broken. The coaching is terrible. Management has failed over and over again. Eagles fans deserve better. The Eagles organization will not fail this fanbase or this city anymore. Mr. Lurie tear it down and make it alright again.

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Al Zaffiri
Al Zaffiri

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