The Flyers Disrespect is REAL

The Flyers disrespect here is REAL.

NBC Sports just released their current NHL Power Rankings. Cool, right? Where do the Flyers rank? Gotta be in the top 5 right? WRONG! Not top 5. Not even top 10 (Shown below). How is that even possible?

They have the orange and black at #12! They have the Shittsburgh Penguins at #9. Blasphemy. What do the Flyers have to do to get some damn admiration?

Finish Top 4 before the Pandemic stoppage. Yup, did that. Come out of the ‘Round Robin’ as the top seed heading into the Playoffs? Yeah, check that one off as well. Win a playoff series? Done.

12. Philadelphia Flyers. They have some wiggle room under the salary cap and I am still waiting for them to do something with it.

Some J/O at NBC Sports

Sure they lost in the second round of the Playoffs to a very good Islanders team. But, that doesn’t warrant them having a dozen teams ranked ahead of them. The Flyers are one of the youngest fastest growing teams in the League.

Luckily, these ranks are stupid. They clearly have no idea. The disrespect is real but it will be used to fuel the fire. We know what the Flyers have to do.


Season Prediction: Undefeated, 82-0. Stanley Cup Champs. Fly or Die! Ad
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