The Flyers Get Destroyed

The Flyers get destroyed in loss to the Rangers, 9-0. I wrote a glowing review of the Flyers performance over the New York Rangers on Monday. Philadelphia wiped their butts with the review and absolutely crapped the bed on Wednesday in losing to the same Rangers, nine to nothing. Yeah you read that right, 9-0.

Mika Zbanejed posted a natural hat trick and six points in the second period. The same periodthe Rangers put it seven goals. We will keep this short much as the Flyers did in this one.


What the Hell Happened?

Brian Elliott was torched for 5 goals on 13 shots. Philadelphia has now lost 3 of its last four games and, at this point, even the most loyal fans cannot see this team advancing to the playoffs. Sadly, it is now crystal clear several moves need to be made if this team wants to make the  playoff dance.

With that being said, who can help this sinking ship? And how much help can be forthcoming? Bullseyes have to be on Claude Giroux and Jake Voracek but, money issues and no trade options ham string that.

How we all feel right now!

Brian Elliott, as good as he has been is, at his age, relegated to a back up netminder. Carter Hart would surely bring a top line player, but, why? A coach or GM move is far from likely. it’s likely this Flyers team will be in the pool for the number one draft pick.

The sinking ship moves on to to play the hottest team in the NHL, the Islanders. Can, somehow, Philadelphia slap themselves in the face and figure out if they want to advance in the playoffs or do what they have been doing, cashing their checks? The answer may start in Long Island… probably not.

Will the Flyers get destroyed again?



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