The Indifferent NFL

Another week, another week of questionable calls in the NFL.

Let me start this by making a clarification. Sports fans can be a fickle lot.

In a lot of cases, almost Bi-Polar. Win on opening day and Playoff and Championship plans are bandied about.

Lose and jobs are demanded, trades needed.

Most oftentimes, the favorite team never actually loses any game. It’s always “the refs screwed us.”

This phenomenon is not a new issue. Bad calls, unfortunately, are part of sports.

However, some more egregious calls seemingly happen more in the NFL. From phantom pass interference to a linesman clearly added a few inches for what suddenly changes a fourth and inches to a first and one.

We, the fans have been told, time and again, “We want to eliminate head hits in the game.”

Then….Do It!

An absurd missing a delay of game call in one playoff game and an astonishing blocking penalty in another are bad enough.

A hit on a quarterback that is not called is another level of insolence.

Going the wording of the rule. An argument can be made that it was, in fact, a non-penalty.

No penalty for the hit… what about player history? On both sides of the play… Clowney is a borderline cheap shot artist. Why not use another of the NFL’s “well defined” rules?

Unnecessary roughness? The player is going down… put a hand him to affirm the situation.

One other thing to factor in.. each of the seven officials are equipped with two flags.

So, if the name “WENTZ” was replaced with.hmmm say….”BRADY”
We would have seen 14 flags and seven hats littering the field.

Is it a coincidence that head hits to any player, not just the quarterback were far less common when guys like Conrad Dobler, Dick Butkus, Ray Nitschke, et al were playing?

Tough hard-nosed big-time ruffians to be sure. But, with the exception of Dobler, guys who played hard, but clean.

Perhaps we need to see quid pro quo in the NFL. This for that… cheapshot my guy, bet your ass, I am taking one of your guys out.

Just my .02…

By: Kevin Neibauer

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Kevin Neibauer
Kevin Neibauer

Kevin has followed and promoted the game of lacrosse since May 19, 1974.
The same day the Philadelphia Flyers won the Cup, the Philadelphia Wings were introduced to Neibauer and Philadelphia.

Kevin has covered many sports, including baseball, football, basketball, and.. lacrosse. A former licensed football referee and baseball umpire, Kevin brings a unique insight to his game coverage.

A published writer in JustHockey Magazine, Kevin covered the American Hockey League as well as a monthly story on a pugilist where Kevin used the pen name, The Rink Rat. Neibauer turned his attentions to lacrosse for a few years and does his part, whether podcasting or writing to grow the game. Kevin branched out to his roots and currently provides insight for all Philadelphia teams for Edge of Philly as well as his full-time duties with LaxPhilly.



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