The Kelly Green Mean Machine

The Philadelphia Eagles are back on their home turf after two weeks of being on the road. For the first in a long time, the Birds are back in Kelly Green football jerseys. Most importantly they were looking to bounce back in the win column after losing to the New York Jets. The Eagles, for the first time, would face a defense that would give the Eagles all they could handle, especially when the Eagles lost Lane Johnson due to an injury that would only take him out for the remainder of the game. The return of the Kelly Green mean machine may be more to handle for the Dolphins.

Philly Sports Trips 2023 Football

The Miami Dolphins were looking to come into South Philly and make a statement after winning two games back-to-back at home, against the New York Giants and Carolina Panthers. The Dolphins had a huge day against the Carolina Panthers, putting up 42 points. Tua Tagoviloa had 3 TDs for 21 completions for 262 yards. Raheem Mostert had a huge game. He tallied 17 carries for 115 yards and a receiving TD. This made a lot of fantasy football owners happy.

The Miami Dolphins were looking to carry that momentum from South Beach to South Philly. It’s a different story for the Miami Dolphins, with only having one offensive scoring touchdown drive throughout the entire game. That was when Tyreek Hill beat James Bradberry and Terrell Edmund. Tua Tagoviloa found out the hard way the city of brotherly love is a tough place to play.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts looked to be battling an injury, especially scrambling out the pocket. Showing resiliency. Even with some pain, he made some incredible plays. Jalen Hurts scrambles out to his right, and on the run, he makes a solid throw to AJ Brown. Jalen Hurts takes punishment by standing in the pocket. However, Jalen Hurts completes the mission by delivering the ball to AJ Brown.

Jalen Hurts would link up with AJ Brown by throwing him the football through a tight window in double coverage. AJ Brown continues to have another 100-plus yards receiving. This is AJ Brown’s 5th straight game with 100 yards plus receiving. Hurts did a great job spreading the football around. Jalen got Dallas Goedert involved in the playbook early with a couple of passing plays. Jalen Hurts with a play-action pass to Dallas Goedert to get the Eagles on the scoreboard. Despite the pick-six from Jalen Hurts to Jerome Baker, Jalen Hurts played extremely well.

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Haason Reddick and the Kelly Green Mean Machine

Haason Reddick has been a huge plus being back and playing defense. Coming off the edges, Hasson Reddick had a huge play-stopping the Miami Dolphins run game as he wrapped up Raheem Mostert for a tackle for loss. Since being back from injury, Hasson Reddick has 5.5 sacks, and with no sacks in this game, he had 2 tackles for loss. I can’t wait to see what kind of chaos he’s going to bring to the Washington Commanders offense.

Pat Bernard
Pat Bernard

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