The New Bench Boss of the Flyers is…

Well, the Stanley Cup Finals are in a few days away and the question on every Flyers Fan’s mind is, “who is the new Bench Boss for this broken-down Philadelphia Flyers Franchise?”

Before the offseason began they let go of interim Head Coach Mike Yeo. Now the Flyers are looking for somebody to be more of a real “hardcore” head coach. Hopefully to get back to their full potential? Here are some candidates that might fit in on the Flyers’ coaching tree for the upcoming season.


Bruce Cassidy

Let’s start with former Boston Bruins head coach, Bruce Cassidy. According to Frank Seravalli, the Flyers were interested in hiring the ex-Bruins head coach. It could be a good fit, but the question is why? Yes, he has a very good track record with Boston. Honestly, I really don’t think he’s the right guy for the job. His coaching scheme really doesn’t fit in with what the Flyers are trying to do in my opinion.

Barry Trotz

Trotz has also a very good track record like Bruce Cassidy, but shockingly in the offseason, he was let go by the New York Islanders. This was only after two seasons. Only 4 Years ago he was on top of the highest mountain when he lead the Washington Capitals to the Stanley Cup. Trotz could be a good fit in Philly with what they are trying to accomplish. This could be an opportunity for the Flyers to have Trotz as their head coach. Is his style something the Flyers are looking for as their new Head Coach?

John Tortorella

Torts has a great coaching resume out of all the candidates. This guy is EXACTLY what the Flyers need as their new bench boss. There was a time when the New York Rangers, were struggling. Tortorella came in and injected confidence in a team not too unlike our current Flyers. Honestly, he is one guy that the Flyers desperately need. He will do great things and reminds us of what Peter Laviolette gave us in those early 2010s. If you want to have that Bring it to Broad Mentality John Tortorella is your guy for the Philadelphia Flyers.

Dolans Bar

Only time will tell what the Flyers want to be accomplished but like the late Tom Petty would say “the waiting is the hardest part.” We don’t know what they will do but we will just be patient and hope somebody likes one of those candidates. We will see when the NHL offseason begins in a couple of weeks from now.

James Scorza
James Scorza

James Scorza is a Co-Host of the Pattison Ave Phanatics on Edge of Philly Sports. James attended the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. He loves Sports and Music and has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Philadelphia Sports. He may be young but is knowledgeable beyond his years.