The Philadelphia Eagles Season and looking forward to 2022

Before the season even started, I have to say, I had very low expectations. New coaches, new schemes, and all that comes with a new system in place. A very quiet free agency, I’m pretty sure most of Philadelphia had low expectations as well. Didn’t we blast the coach for his first press conference?!?! Only in Philadelphia! Let us look in on the Philadelphia Eagles season and keep looking forward to 2022.


In the Begining

September is one of my favorite months, for obvious reasons. The Eagles come into game one against the Falcons and take care of business! It had all of Philadelphia hype! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t one of those people. Unfortunately, that was short-lived, and the disappointment came QUICK! Week 2, a game the Eagles should have won, Week 3, don’t even get me started on that. A Monday night game against your biggest rival and you completely crap the bed. EMBARRASSING! What did we run maybe 3 running plays the entire game?

I think we were all pissed off on that Tuesday morning. The ups and down of weeks 4 through 13, with more games you should have won. The Eagles should have gone into their bye week at 10-3! I mean how miserable was that Giants loss? For as long as I can remember, may be one of the most frustrating Sundays I’ve had in a long time. I can’t pretend watching the Eagles run all over people was not fun though! That was some exciting football but also some of the most anger-inducing football. This is what happens when you’re an Eagles fan though. To see Nick, make some adjustments was refreshing, but to see the regressions as well is what this season came to.

Post Season

Then comes the playoffs. Again, I went into that game with even lower expectations! I mean come on, we are playing the world champs, in Tampa. I didn’t know it would be as miserable as it was, I actually predicted a win for some strange reason but boy was I wrong! What was the game plan? Someone, please enlighten me!! Absolutely no adjustments as the game went on. You cant play the greatest of all time and expect him not to see your weaknesses.

Defensive Woes

One of the most exciting things for me was Schwartz exiting as the defensive coordinator. I hated his scheme, I hated seeing the secondary 15 yards off of receivers, I hated the prevent defense he ran all the time. I’ll always be grateful for the Superbowl but we still gave up 500 yards. Anyway, that’s old news. So here we are, and Gannon comes into the fold.

People were considering this guy as some sort of defensive genius, and of course, I took the bait. What we got was the same old but with a different person. My most frustrating thing about the Eagle’s 2021 season was watching a defense get shredded constantly. How many quarterbacks had record days against us? Definitely a few! Justin Herbert and Derek Carr feasted on us. How many 3rd and longs did we give up with soft coverage? More than I can count.

The front four were also nonexistent for most of the year. How much money is in that line? A LOT! To me. This is one of the most glaring problems the Eagles have. Do we want Gannon to be back for a little more of the “same old”? I sure don’t. Here’s hoping he lands a head coaching position, and the Eagles can add a veteran coach to help with Nicks’s progression.

The Offensive Live

On a positive note, we have to remember we have one of the best offensive lines in the league, a star in the making at wide receiver, and quite possibly one of the best tight ends. There is a lot to be excited about on the offense.

Dolans Bar

Looking Foward at 2022

Let’s keep looking forward to 2022. I think the Eagles have the potential for the 2022 campaign, but the QB position needs an upgrade! I know Jalen is “the man” according to Howie and Sirianni, but can we believe that? Jalen, in my own opinion, needs a ton of work. His accuracy needs improvement, his deep ball, and his vision downfield needs work. I don’t know how many times I have seen him miss wide-open receivers the entire season.

Luckily, this is all stuff that can be fixed with the right mentors and coaches in place. To say I’m not a little disappointed with that decision would be a lie but I also don’t see any potential for a replacement in the draft or via free agency. Do we want to mortgage the future and waste three first-round picks for an aging Russel Wilson? Do we take a chance on a man who has multiple accusations on him for sexual misconduct? I sure don’t! I’m just hoping for a beefed-up defense and a nice receiver in free agency to complement a star in the making with Smith. Is that too much to ask for? I guess we’ll see. Until September. GO BIRDS! Looking forward at 2022.

Joey Sheeran
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