The Stars Return

With their mascot Blob leading the way the Philadelphia Stars return.  On a weird spring afternoon in Birmingham AL where in a span of a couple of hours we saw blue skies and monsoon rain. The Stars and the New Orleans Breakers continued the reboot of the USFL. Although I know it’s not 1983 a strange sense of nostalgia has overtaken me as I see the Stars once again.    

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The players are different, the uniforms and logos are different, but the feeling of spring football is very familiar to this Generation Xer.  So today the journey that is the USFL part 2 has come full circle for Philadelphia sports fans.  What’s next?  That’s the fun part we don’t know.

First Half

As the Stars took the field for their first regular-season game in 37 years all eyes were on Stars Head Coach Bart Andrus and his staring QB Bryan Bryan Scott. After a first half mired with turnovers, missed field goals, and missed opportunities the Stars found themselves trailing 9-7 at the half.  Thanks to the first TD pass thrown by a Stars QB in 444 months.  Bug Johnson with the catch and 15-yard run for the score.      

 Second Half

An entertaining second half would follow a largely conservative 1st half.  The Breakers would continue to capitalize on Philly’s miscues.  The Stars outscored the Breakers 10-8 in the third quarter and began the final quarter tied 17-17.  The fourth quarter saw the Star’s Defense which was solid most of the day begin to wilt in the Alabama spring sun. 

The Breakers opened up the scoring in the 4th with a TD and aided by the second missed Philly Field goal of the day found themselves with the lead with less than nine minutes to play.    A Stars fumble and the Breakers held on to a 23-17 win.    

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In the End

The Stars should take a lot of positives out of this game Bryan Scott was solid after a shaky 1st Quarter and moved the ball well.  The Stars O-line does need a lot of work but in spite of that, the rest of the offense was solid.

 Special Teams also played their part in this loss.  They allowed a blocked punt in the end zone and only converted 1-3 FG attempts on the day.  Next up for the Philadelphia Stars return against the Pittsburgh Maulers Saturday, April 23rd at 1 pm on Fox.  

Matt Bednarczyk
Matt Bednarczyk

Matt Bednarczyk is your host of Talking Philly Sports With Matty B. He is a proud retired US Army Sergeant First Class, he is also a combat veteran with over 80 months served in Afganistan, and Iraq . Huge Hockey Fan. Matt is a lifelong 4 for 4 Philly sports fan. Born and raised on the Mayfair and Tacony neighborhood lines of Northeast Philly. He brings over 40 years of Philadelphia Sports passion and provides a realistic look at our Major Sports Teams and the most passionate sports fans on the planet. Look for his show live on Edge of Philly Sports.