The Wings’ Playoff Window is Shrinking

After a tough road trip wins in Rochester, the Philadelphia Wings head back home to face a hungry Halifax Thunderbirds team. Both franchises are looking to climb to the NLL playoffs. The Wings’ playoff window is shrinking.

1st Quarter

Mitch Jones makes a long-distance goal. What looked to be a tone-setter for the Wings. However, that was not the case. Halifax would answer back and more. when they made three unanswered goals in the first. Eric Fannell would tie it up. Ryan Benesch makes a powerplay goal. Clarke Petterson and, again, Eric Fennell add to the total.

2nd Quarter

Sam LeClair comes up with a much-needed goal for the Wings. However, the Thunderbirds would pour on more offense. Halifax was reading the defensive plays that Philadelphia Wings were throwing at them like stereo directions. Mike Accursi, the head coach, did his homework by coming up with creative plays for the Thunderbirds. Every time the Wings were trying to double-defend someone, the Thunderbirds would counter with the open player scoring.

Randy Staats, Ryan Terefenko, and then Eric Fennell would take advantage of the two-on-one breakaway. A hat trick was surrendered. This caused Paul Day to make a goalie change. Out goes Zach Higgins, and in comes Angus Goodleaf. Ben Mclntosh would land a goal. Cody Jamieson would contribute to the Halifax goal onslaught. Then late in the second, Taite Cattoni would score, putting up a goal. At the half, it’s Thunderbirds 8 Wings 4.

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3rd Quarter

It would be the Wings coming out on fire! Scoring three goals straight. Two goals by Ben Mclntosh in that sequence and a hat trick for the night. The bulldozer Blaze Rioden went through the Halifax defense to score! The Philadelphia Wings were in within one. Chris Boushy would score to help Halifax. Then Mitch Jones gets Philly back within one. Cody Jamieson would score off the man advantage.

4th Quarter

Every time the Wings would bring it within one. Halifax would start pulling it away. Ben Mclntosh would get the last goal for the Wings. McIntosh would land on the 4th of the night. By mid of the quarter where Halifax Thunderbirds just kept on bringing the goals. The final score was Halifax Thunderbirds winning over Philadelphia Wings 14-10. The X-factor in the matchup was the Thunderbirds’ defense. Man-to-man cover zones would adjust to the Wings getting hot on offense and shut it down.  The Wings’ playoff window is shrinking. The question is, “Can they bounce back?”

Pat Bernard
Pat Bernard

Pat Bernard has four years of podcasting. His first year with the Pattison Ave Phantics and four years running Devereaux Sports. Now currently, both Devereaux Sports and Edge of Sports. Pat is a  for 6 Philly sports fan.  Flyers, Phillies, Eagles, Sixers, Wings, and Union. The Gobbler is a former pro wrestler and ACPW Hall of Famer! He is originally out of Ambler from Northeast Philly (by the Tacony Bridge).  Pat is a credentialed Philadelphia Wings Beat Reported under Edge of Philly Sports.