The Wrestling Showcase-Preview

Get ready for an action-packed evening of wrestling as the Premier Streaming Network presents the Wrestling Showcase. Live from the Sportsplex in Metuchen, NJ this Saturday. This event is not your run-of-the-mill wrestling match. It’s a showcase featuring some of the biggest independent companies that stream on the Premier Streaming Network. You can expect to see some of the most talented and exciting athletes in the industry battle it out in the ring.

Several well-known wrestling companies such as CZW, WrestlePro, ECWA, Battlefield Pro Wrestling, FWF, 3LW, GLCW, Catalyst Wrestling and more will be participating in a showcase. The wrestling matches will commence at 7 pm on Saturday with a preshow. Followed by the main event at 8 pm. In case you can’t attend the event in New Jersey, the Showcase will be live on the Premier Streaming Network. Allowing fans to watch it from the comfort of their homes. Fans who want to attend the event live can purchase tickets at

On Saturday, besides the thrilling matches taking place inside the ring. There will be a host of exciting activities for fans to enjoy. The PSN Wrestling Showcase EXPO, hosted by the Premier Streaming Network. From 3 pm to 6 pm, this expo will offer an exclusive opportunity. For fans to meet the stars of the event who will be competing later that evening. Bill Apter, a respected figure in professional wrestling and sports journalism. Will receive a lifetime achievement award for his exceptional career. He is known for his unparalleled passion, dedication, and talent. This recognition celebrates his remarkable contributions to the industry.

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Sit Down With Bill Apter

Bill Apter, a highly respected personality in the world of professional wrestling and journalism, will be recognized for his unparalleled achievements and groundbreaking work throughout his illustrious career. His exceptional contributions have left an indelible mark on the industry, and this lifetime achievement award is a testament to his unwavering dedication and passion. His remarkable talent and expertise have earned him the admiration and respect of his peers, and he will forever be remembered as a true legend in his field. I had the opportunity to interview Bill, who shared his thoughts on getting the Lifetime Achievement award and answered a few questions about his career.

You are a legendary figure in the wrestling industry, having experienced and accomplished everything this business has to offer. On September 9th, you will be honored with the Lifetime Achievement award. Recognizing your exceptional contributions to the industry, and paving the way for the younger generation. What does this honor mean to someone who has truly left their mark on the industry?

This honor means the world to me, Josh Shernoff is someone I have known my entire life. Since his moving to PA at a young age he is someone I have helped in the industry, and to be getting this honor from him means the absolute world to me

Bill Apter

As a distinguished individual who has been honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award, have you ever pondered about a goal that you have always aspired to achieve in this industry but have not yet completed? 

I would love to do the mean gene role. I have done things in the past with WCW and NWA. But I never got the chance to play that role like Mean Gene. That would be something I would love to get the opportunity to play that role.

Bill Apter

For those who are just starting out in the wrestling industry, whether as a wrestler themselves or working in the field of journalism and media covering the sport, are there any valuable insights or guidance you must share?

Be respectful; you never want to put down a company. You don’t want to make people mad and come after you, with someone just starting out, you don’t want to make enemies in the industry.”

Bill Apter
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The Wrestling Show Case Card

Premier Streaming Network Men’s Championship

Matt Cardona vs. Colt Cabana

Premier Streaming Network Women’s Championship

Steph De Lander vs. Rachael Ellering

Catalyst Wrestling

Darius Carter vs. Homicide vs. Colby Corino

House of Glory

Jacob Fatu vs. Charles Manson


The Ace of Space Academy (Max St. Giovanni, GKM & Colton Charles) vs.Yoscifer El, Skler Mack and El Magnifico

Battlefield Pro Wrestling

KC Navarro vs. Malik Del Vonte


Clutch Rockwell vs. Joey Ace


“End of the World” Jake Omen vs. “Golden State God” Carson Drake

Premier Streaming Network Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation to Bill Apter

The Wrestling Showcase Pre Show

Middle Kingdom Wrestling

FACADE vs. Sunny Zhai

Atlantic Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

N.J. Cowboy Steven Stetson vs. Masshole Mike McCarthy (C)

3 Legacies Wrestling

Breaux Keller vs. Smiley vs. Tarzan Duran

*Card subject to change, and more matches to be added

Premier Streaming Network Men’s Championship

two prominent names in independent wrestling – Matt Cardona, also known as the Indy God, will take on Colt Cabana. The match is not just any ordinary match – it is a fierce encounter where both wrestlers will be competing for the chance to become the inaugural Premium World Champion. After departing from his previous persona, Matt Cardona has undergone a significant transformation and has been blazing a trail himself in the independent wrestling scene. He has been tirelessly competing and putting on stellar performances, and as a result, he has won championship titles almost everywhere he has competed. His impressive accomplishments have earned him the reputation of a belt collector.  He shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Colt Cabana is a highly accomplished wrestler who has been dominating the independent scene for over two decades. He has won numerous championships and collected an impressive number of belts, showcasing his unparalleled skills and dedication to the sport. Since 1999. Colt has been a force to be reckoned with and has established himself as one of the most successful wrestlers in the industry. It will be interesting to see if Matt can secure the victory with Radio Silence, or if Colt will put him in the Chicago Crab for the win. This match is a must-watch event! It features two highly skilled and experienced wrestlers battling it out for the prestigious championship title and the honor of being crowned the first-ever Premier World Champion. With an intense and thrilling competition on the cards, this showdown is not to be missed by anyone who loves wrestling.

Can’t Miss Event

Get ready for an electrifying experience as the Wrestling Showcase takes center stage this coming Saturday! Wrestling enthusiasts are in for a treat as the most renowned wrestling personalities from the Premier Streaming Network will be participating in this thrilling event. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness your favorite wrestlers in action, as they put up a spectacular performance live at the Wrestling Showcase.

Joey Wood
Joey Wood

Joe Wood was born and raised in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia. A dedicated father of 2, a boy and a girl. Who is a lifelong Philadelphia 4 for 4-er. Joe found a passion for Professional wrestling from a young age thanks to his father, who took him to live events. Currently, Joe is studying at Full Sail University to achieve his bachelor’s degree in sports marketing and media. Once completed, he hopes to be able to cover sports full-time.