There’s a new Sheriff in Town

There’s a new Sheriff in Town. Oh, how the mighty have fallen and the times have changed.  This great sports city of Philadelphia can change our minds as quickly as we change our underwear.

Who would’ve thought that in the middle of an Eagles season it would be the Sixers who are the talk of the town, Noone. Who saw the likes of Howie Roseman and John Middleton so quickly being kicked to the basement, Noone.

Current Rank:

Josh Harris: Can we get a round of applause for Mr. Harris? The past month has been astonishing. New Coach, Doc Rivers. New President, Daryl Morey. All while in a pandemic. Morey, he has already completely revamped this roster. First, a trade unloading Al Horford and his bloated contract. Followed by a great draft night which included another trade providing even more shooting. The Sixers biggest need.

Chuck Fletcher: Fletch is the most under the radar GM in the city. He quietly but quickly and efficiently turned this Flyers organization around. First, hiring Head Coach, Alain Vigneault. Next, subtle signings that boosted this team to a great run eventually landing the #1 top seed heading into the NHL Playoffs. Now, a GM knowing what he has in his farm system, not rushing out to sign free agents. Willing to let our youth come up and prove themselves on the grandest level of their profession. Ad

Howie Roseman: Once looked at as the savior of a city, now looked at as its possible weakest link. Howie’s status has flipped more than flapjacks. He can’t put together a good draft. Mainly due to not being able to evaluate talent. This is odd cause draft picks are something that he takes extreme pride in. He doesn’t take the advice of the coaching staff. He has to be the smartest person in the room. It’s obvious that is far from the truth.

John Middleton: This man is the cheapest Billionaire this city has ever seen. He refuses to go over the Luxury Tax to improve this team. He refuses to pay up for the best catcher in baseball. That trade should’ve never happened if JT was only a two-year rental. He finally demoted Matt Klentak from GM. However Now, dragging his feet in replacing Andy MacPhail.

Obviously, things change with a drop of a dime. Josh is getting things done. Chuck is looking at continued success with our own homegrown talent. Howie has his priorities flipped completely upside down. John Middleton is extremely cheap and not thinking about what is best for his ballclub and our fans.

We will also love all of our teams. Just at times some more than others. If that wasn’t the case, we wouldn’t be Philly Sports Fans.

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Joey Sheeran
Joey Sheeran

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