Title Town vs. City of Champions

Green Bay is known as Title Town. With a whopping 13 NFL Titles, the Green Bay Packers have had the distinction of having Green Bay named Title Town. While it is a tremendous accomplishment and should be applauded, it gives me the occasion to “think outside the box.” If Green Bay is “Title Town”, it occurs to me that Philadelphia should be “Championship City.” Title Town vs. City of Champions… let’s get to it.

In our first installment, I looked into the winning tradition that was the Philadelphia Athletics, aka, The A’s. The A’s won two World Series and, predating the advent of the World Series, added 6 pennants to go with the 1929 and 1930 winners. So, if you base my theory solely on “World Championships” it’s Green Bay 13- Philly 2.


Not impressive at all. But, I am just getting started, and, staying with baseball, we switch to the National League and one of the oldest continuously running sports franchises in the sporting universe.


In 1883, AL Reach, a sporting goods magnate and Attorney, John Rogers, acquired the remains of a team from Worcester, Massachusetts, and brought it to the City of Brotherly Love. The Philadelphia Quakers, as they were known in their infant season, were less than stellar and posted a dismal .173 winning percentage.

Dolans Bar

Quakers? They Had Other Names.. No?

1884 they were the Philadelphians. From 1885 until 1889 it was Quakers-Phillies. Then, things got bizarre as the team “unofficially” rebranded as the Blue Jays. That didn’t sit well with Johns Hopkins University who labeled their athletics, Blue Jays, Litigation ensued with JHU recommending that Philadelphia switched to the scientific name, Cyanocitta Cristata!! Just rolls off the tongue don’t it!! A tragedy occurred on Broad Street. In 1903, a balcony collapsed at Baker Bowl which resulted in 12 deaths and hundreds of injuries. As a result, the team was sold.

Philadelphia Quakers

Finally, Success

Philadelphia finally made it to the World Series stage in 1915 but, were defeated, 4 games to 1 by Boston. It would be 35 years until the Phils achieved the World Series stage but, again, came up short 4 games to none to the mighty New York Yankees. Thus far, two World Series losses. Followed by wins in 1980 and 2008.

Despite the fact the team has long eclipsed 10,000 losses, it has had a modicum of success with National League Pennant wins in 1915, 1950, 1980, 1983, 1993, and 2008. East Division wins came in 1976, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1983, 1993, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. There is a Green Bay connection in all this. In 1946, the Phils began to build a farm system and placed a team in…Green Bay, known as the Blue Jays.

Where Does this Leave Us in Our Standings?

So, our standings, if you are counting just Championships, has Green Bay 13- Philadelphia 4. Our next time out, we look at the little-known team that had a hand in changing the landscape of Philadelphia.The original Philadelphia entry in the NFL, the Frankford Yellow Jackets. Continue to follow Edge of Philly Sports for Title Town vs. City of Champions.

Kevin Neibauer
Kevin Neibauer

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