Tony Khan’s Big Announcement

Tony Khan has a major announcement. How often have we heard this from Tony Khan over the past four years since AEW has been in business? He promises to drop an earth-shattering announcement next week on dynamite. Then the following week, the announcement came and fell flat. We heard about a major announcement tease from Tony just this past April when he broke the news for ALL-IN, a huge live event in London at the world-famous Wembley Stadium. That announcement did not fall short it was game-changing and deserved the build.

To start dynamite, this past Wednesday, we saw the return of two big names, Thunder Rosa and Miro. Thus, Tony Khan let the fans know he would address their return. Along with a way to fit all the amazing talent AEW has to offer next week. Where he will have a major announcement. So, the question remains what is this announcement? 

What is the Announcement?

There are currently two big things coming for AEW, both of which could be the announcement. Tony could wrap them together and make it just one big announcement. The first is that coming very soon, AEW will debut a new show called Collision. This show will be live every Saturday night on either TNT or TBS.   Collision will change the way AEW does there show structures across the board. AEW will no longer have dark or elevation on YouTube every week. Both shows have been canceled. Instead, Rampage will act as the filler show that allows lesser talent to get their time to shine.

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Collison and Dynamite will be their two big shows where you will see the big names in AEW. The next big announcement, AEW and Warner Bros. Discovery, are set to announce their new TV deal. The deal is believed to be worth 1 billion dollars over 5 years. This deal will give Warner Bros. Discovery streaming rights and is believed to have an HBO Max involvement. This type of deal, if true, is huge for a company that just opened its doors in 2019. 

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New Collision Announcement

Collison will change AEW in many ways. The first big question everyone has is whether the brands will be separate. Will each show have its own dedicated roster, or will the storylines play out on both shows? If each show has its own roster that will change AEW forever. It may be for the better because it will give all the talent more TV time. However, it could also be a bad thing moving forward because the bigger talent on each show will only be seen once a week. We also know that Collison is a way to allow AEW to bring back the ultra-popular CM Punk. It has been reported that CM Punk will be the face of Collison on Saturday nights.

New TV Deal 

 The streaming news in the TV deal is also a huge game-changer announcement.  AEW streams their PPV for $49.99 on Bleacher Report and traditional PPV through cable providers. The ongoing rumor is this deal will change that. The PPV shows that happen once every four months would now be streamed on HBO Max. Kind of like how WWE has their content on Peacock. It would be great for the consumer to view the PPV events for a much cheaper price of $9.99 a month vs $49.99 per PPV event. This could also be big news for AEW since HBO Max could give AEW a way to showcase the ever-expanding past event video library on the app. 

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What This All Means

We will all have to wait and see just what Tony Khan’s major announcement is. This Wednesday on Dynamite. If they are either or both of what has been mentioned in this article. These are company-altering news. That helps show everyone in the wrestling world that AEW is not just a flash in the pan. These will show all that AEW is here to stay and will be a major player in the world of wrestling, not just now but for years to come. The fans of AEW be excited big things are coming. Be sure to tune in this Wednesday at 8 pm to find out the major announcement from Tony Khan. 

Joey Wood
Joey Wood

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