The Philadelphia 76ers beat the Los Angeles Lakers 107-106 last night on a clutch jump shot by Tobias Harris. Ben Simmons came out aggressive with 15 shot attempts and his 31st career triple double (Now 13th All-time in 4 seasons). Embiid did his MVP thing leading the Sixers with 28 points. Does anyone feel like we need more? In a 7 game series can this team beat the Nets or Lakers? What players can the Sixers trade for?

Bradley Beal (SG) Washington Wizards

Disgruntled and angry but says he wants to make it work with the Wizards. He is averaging 35.4 PPG this season but on a losing team with no other options. He is also in the final year of his contract which brings the cost down if you can’t lock him up long term. Is there a way to do this deal without trading Ben Simmons?

JJ Reddick (SG) New Orleans Pelican

Rumor has it that JJ and his 7.9 PPG are on the trade block. He is currently shooting 29.8 percent from three which is the worst of his career. His minutes are down to 19.9 which is the lowest it has been since his first 3 years in the league. His contract is off the books after this season and could provide added shooting and spark off the bench. Buy while the price is low?

PJ Tucker (PF/SF) Houston Rockets

His stats won’t wow you but he is shooting 43.9% from three this season. His defense would be the perfect sub in off the bench for Tobias Harris. You could even sub him for Danny Green at SF. This 35 year old expiring contract off would bring versatility and experience off the bench for a playoff run. Problem is the Rockets hate Morey so probably have to over pay to get him.

Zach Lavine (SG) Chicago Bulls

Zach Lavine might just be the extra scoring punch needed to get the Sixers over the hump. This has to be done without trading Ben Simmons though because Zach’s defense just isn’t there. You would be trading 27 PPG and no defense for on a bad night 10 points and 10 assists with All NBA Defense. The deal without Simmons would most likely include Danny Green. Would the championship experienced veteran be worth a guy with big numbers on a consistently bad team?

Kevin Love (PF) Cleveland Cavaliers

He has played two games this season and I certainly wouldn’t trade for that contract. Rumors are he could end being bought out by the Cavaliers. Its an option worth exploring is Love is willing to come off the bench.

Kyle Lowry (PG) Toronto Raptors

This one could be interesting. The North Philly, Villanova product returns home to play for the Sixers. He has a history with Daryl Morey as well who traded for and put Lowry on the map in Houston.

Demar DeRozan (SG/SF) or Rudy Gay (PF/SF) San Antonio Spurs

Both players are on expiring contracts and the Spurs realistically have zero chance at an NBA championship this season. It may be time to lose for the higher draft pick and start a true rebuild. Keep an eye on these two.

Others on the List

Victor Oladipo, Lou Williams, Nemanja Belica, Reggie Bullock, Doug McDermott, Derek Rose and Wayne Ellington all are in the mix and you can make the case for them as well.

Simmons and Harris are the Sixers two main trade pieces with the NBA trade deadline approaching in 2 months. Everyone be on the look out for 2 other important dates coming very soon. After February 2nd any player who is traded will be ineligible to be flipped elsewhere after in another deal. February 6th players who signed new contracts this past offseason can now be traded unless they were signed using Bird Rights. Daryl Morey has already came to Doc Rivers with a few deals he already shot down. Will Tobias Harris or Ben Simmons still be here? I wonder what we have in store between now and March 25th.

“I think we’re pretty championship or bust”

Sixers Gm Daryl Morey on ESPN

Yeah he said it “CHAMPIONSHIP OR BUST!” For More Philadelphia 76ers coverage click here.

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