Travel in the National Lacrosse League

The National Lacrosse League is unique among professional sports leagues. Many a nuance sets the league apart.

Times when a team doesn’t play for two or three weeks then, saddled with a Friday night game in say, Vancouver, then trekking across the continent for a Sunday afternoon contest in New England only to have two more weeks off.

Another facet is trading. With the league make-up, the players have full-time jobs and family ties to a specific area making a relocation a near impossibility. Another factor that, for the most part, is not noticed by the fans is the travel issue. Not only for a specific team but also, the players of that team.

Just because a player plays for a certain team or, City, if you will, does not mean he lives in or near that municipality. LaxPhilly had two friends look into the travel issues from both areas I mentioned.

Ross McLaughlin broke down he travel miles that each squad will log in the regular season. As you might expect, the West Division will log a lion’s share of the cumulative mileage. Could the travel and the stress of getting to an airport, dealing with the lines, jet lag, create a caveat to peak performance?

Breakdown of Miles by Team

On to the individual players… we have a breakdown for every player in the NLL. The numbers are cumulative for the entire season. We want to Thank Chre Teitelbaum for putting this together. Part-time, weekend job? A job of players is spending more time traveling in an 18 game season that most people spend in their lives. A huge Thank You to Ross and also, Chre Teitelbaum for providing the player numbers!