Treylon Burks | Wide Reciever | Arkansas

If you’re the Eagles and especially if you’re Howie Roseman with 2 first-round picks in this year’s 2022 NFL Draft. The question is who would be a good fit at the wide receiver position and the answer besides Devonte Smith? Is another SEC wide receiver in Treylon Burks. He is 6 ft 2 and 225 pounds from Warren Arkansas.

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The Positive in his game. Last year was the best year he had at Arkansas. He recorded 65 catches on 88 targets and also had 11 touchdowns. In 2019 in his freshman season, he was a Freshman, and in 2020 and again in 2021 was All-SEC. In his three years with Arkansas, he had 144 catches for 211 targets and 18 Touchdowns.

According to Scouts, they said that Treylon Burks is an “absolute tank”. He has a height advantage in his game. Burks has great hands to catch the ball where the ball is needed to. He is also a great size for a wide receiver and has the agility to make a play happen when it’s needed.


The negative in his game that needs improvement is they used Burks in the slot, and a tendency to drop passes occasionally, and sometimes is inconsistent.

Overall he gives a good Scouting Report and has been compared to Tennessee Titans’ wide receiver A.J. Brown. Treylon can help the Eagles especially the needs at the Wide Reciever Position for Jalen Hurts to throw to on Sunday Afternoon come September.

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