Trying Out Trenton Simpson

It has been a proven fact that since Howie has been the Eagles’ General Manager, he has not picked a linebacker early in the NFL Draft.  This year should be different for many reasons. First of all, the Eagles are in dire need of some talented depth at the linebacker position.

Second, as much as people want to say that the game has changed away from the linebackers, they still play a vital role in helping the defensive lineman get to the quarterback and being able to cover in the open field. So what I am saying is that the Eagles need a strong but fast linebacker. One that can be strong enough to battle in the trenches to free up defensive lineman, but one that can be fast enough to cover in the open field.  Well, if Trenton Simpson is there at 30th overall for Howie, I think that he should choose him.

Who is Trenton Simpson?

A linebacker who was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, and went to Clemson as a five-star recruit out of high school. Simpson started as a true freshman at Clemson and had 28 tackles and four sacks.  Trenton’s sophomore season would continue to ramp up his success by getting 65 tackles along with six sacks.  Trenton is a 6-foot-2-inch outside linebacker who, at the Combine, ran a 4.43 40-yard dash with 25 reps on the bench press. 

Trenton might not be a player that jumps out at most people, but he holds measurables that a good linebacker needs to have in the NFL nowadays.  Some player comparisons to think over when talking about Simpson’s potential.  The first current player that jumps out is Darren Lee, a versatile linebacker who can shoot the gaps when blitzing but be able to cover a tight end on an island.  A past Eagles comparison would be a skinnier Jeremiah Trotter.

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Skills Needed to Make a Difference

Trenton could have the complementary skills like Trotter did for his defensive teammates. Trotter may not have been a great cover linebacker, but the game then didn’t ask for linebackers to be that type of athlete. But we all remember the power that Trotter had as a Pro Bowl linebacker. If Trenton can bring that same type of power, this linebacker crew could become much more powerful.  Look for Howie to draft a linebacker in this year’s draft, and Howie should most certainly look at Trenton Simpson.

Joe Marks
Joe Marks