Tufts Jumbo Take The NCAA Division 3 Championship

The Tufts Jumbo started the game with an impressive pact, with a goal from Charlie Tagliaferri. The RIT Tigers answered back with a shot from Kaden Brunson. Charlie Tagliaferri creates his shot and scores. Chase Bruno for the Tigers makes a goal between two defenders.

Charlie Tegliatferri would again strike more venom into RIT, recording a hat trick. Jumbo, with goal-ball movement, finds open areas and makes goals count. Charlie Tagliaferri is doing a great job passing the ball around. He finds Jack Regnery open for a goal. The Tigers started batting back, getting arrestive, and making plays. Jake Erickson gets a wide-open look in front of the net and unloads a nice goal.

Tigers Come Roaring Back

The RIT Tigers came out slightly more hungry, with Chase Bruno finding Kaden Brunson open for a goal. Garrett Kelly for the Turf Jumbos came right back with his own goal. Dylan Bruno is for the Tigers, who hit spinning moves, get creative, and put traffic in front of the opposing goalie. Ethan Harkins gets an extra man point. Tufts is not going away too easily, with Garett Kelly taking the ball to the hole.

Back And Forth With Both Teams Displaying High Power Offense

The Turf Jumbo would set the tone in the second half. This has been back-and-forth action, two power offenses going toe to toe; now it’s RIT with finding teammates in space and scoring his second goal. Kevin Christmas is making a nice wrap-around goal. Both teams going punch-for-punch

Jack Regnary recorded a hattrick. This Jumbo team started to pull away with the lead. Garrett Kelly, with a wide-open look, scored his 4th goal. RIT was still hanging around. Luke Pilcher had an open look and made the Tufts pay for it. Victor Salcedo won the faceoff, and it was off to the races. The Tufts Jumbos are walking out of Philly Division 3 champions. Tuft Jumbo’s 4th championship. This has been one of the best lacrosse games that I have ever seen live.

Pat Bernard
Pat Bernard

Pat Bernard has four years of podcasting. His first year with the Pattison Ave Phantics and four years running Devereaux Sports. Now currently, both Devereaux Sports and Edge of Sports. Pat is a  for 6 Philly sports fan.  Flyers, Phillies, Eagles, Sixers, Wings, and Union. The Gobbler is a former pro wrestler and ACPW Hall of Famer! He is originally out of Ambler from Northeast Philly (by the Tacony Bridge).  Pat is a credentialed Philadelphia Wings Beat Reported under Edge of Philly Sports.



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