Welcome To Philly, Archie!

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Welcome to Philly, Archie – Regardless of the signing of JT Realmuto and Didi Gregorius, some may say that with the ugliness of last season’s bullpen. Archie Bradley may be the most important signing the Phillies made all offseason. And they may have a point. The Phillies lost about 75-80% percent of games last season in the 7th inning or later (ballpark percentage, don’t quote me).

Archie Bradley was the best reliever available in this offseasons MLB free agency. Dombrowski flying totally under the radar won the sweepstakes for Archie. Could JT have helped the matter, Sure. That is beside the point. What the point is is he is ours now and you can’t have him back. We now love him.

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In his limited time in Philadelphia. This guy has completely embraced our city, our fandom, and our passion. He has quickly become a fan favorite and deservingly so. I can’t wait to see what Arch can do this season.

It is just a matter of time now before we can have the big joint filled with fans again. Cheering ‘us’ and booing ‘them’. The regular season for the boys of summer is right around the corner and it can’t get here fast enough.

“I’m am craving the craziness. The Phanatic, the wildness, the boos, the cheers. Nothing against Arizona, but Philly is a sports city. The history, it runs deep, and I am the type of the player who craves that type of backing, that type of city, and a group that will rally around a team and be a part of something special hopefully.”

Arch Bradley!
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Joey Sheeran
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