What a Time in Philadelphia Sports!

What a Time in Philadelphia Sports! 

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Last two weeks, the Philly Sports Scene turned from one Team being Undefeated now we flipped the page to October 17th and you would’ve told me that the Eagles were still Undefeated and the Phillies are four wins away from going back to the World Series? I would have thought you were crazy and here is why the Two Teams the Eagles and the Phillies have gotten hot at the right place and at right time.

The Birds

The Undefeated Philadelphia Eagles

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Howie Roseman:

Let’s start at the top, Before Howie Roseman had the Best Offseason everybody was putting Howie on the Hot Seat after a disappointing couple of years. Everybody on the Radio experts wanting Howie Roseman Fired after two not-so-good offseason. Then this offseason was again at the Center-front of the Executive of the Year once and how things have changed everything from being a team that last year sneaked into the Postseason and early on not knowing if he will make it through the season.

The 2022 Draft Night came around and opened the door and saw what Howie Roseman had in store to prove the doubters wrong once again. And on the first pick hit the jackpot, after Drafting Jordan Davis with their first pick. A couple of picks later the Eagles acquired AJ Brown from the Tennessee Titans. But after the draft, the Eagles turned nothing into something by acquiring players in the offseason left and right players including James Bradberry, Hasson Reddick, and Kyzir White. And all of the Players had become a really big impact. And it looks to me right now Howie’s job would be safe for another year

Best Team In Conference:

The Eagles last year caught everybody by surprise but the Eagles turned into a Team that was looking at me and were going in the wrong direction and the last month of the regular season caught everyone by surprise by making the Playoffs. Yes, the Playoffs! Now we flip the Page to this 2022 Philadelphia Eagles Team and if anybody would say that the Eagles were the Best Team in all of the Conference and the Best Team in Football and how things have changed from a team that could be ok to great? I would’ve never expected that to happen and it’s all about the Players and Coaches getting them to where they are at this very moment. 

Hurts So Good:

How did the Eagles get here? Is a very good question and relying on one guy in Jalen Hurts. After last season we did not know if Hurts was an Elite Franchise Quarterback. He couldn’t play at an NFL Level. As for Jalen this season? He has been on a TEAR from the first couple of weeks of the season and where they are at now. He has a Quarterback Rating of over 70 every game, and that’s even more of a success than he had all of last season.

What makes it even more bittersweet for us? The Team trusts him and he turned into a great leader on and off the field and that is telling you something more than last season. If the Eagles can keep it rolling it’s going to be a lot more fun than our first Super Bowl because of his because of poise and leadership that is very important to have a Quarterback to help you win. And also to get them where also are setting the tone for what could be another successful season could chase history when it’s all said and done after February 12th.

The Fightins

The”Cinderella” Fightin Phils!

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Let’s Talk About The”Cinderella” Fightin Phils! The Philadelphia Phillies are another team who like the Eagles was decimated and probably one of the teams that I would think at the time could take a few years to rebuild. Because at the end of May fans were saying a cause for concern of everyone who had to cover this team. But then June 2nd came around Phillies had an off day the Phillies went in the other direction by firing Manager Joe Giradi and bringing in Interm Manager Rob Thomson and the first game as the Manager turned nothing into something. Phillies under Thomson his Managerial record was 65–46 under the new skipper who bought a winning culture to the Phillies.

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Revenge in “Baseball Heaven”

  After the Phillies were looking the drought of Postseason Baseball was going to continue after being swept by the Cubs and everyone folding their tents but if the season was without a lockout and didn’t play those makeup games against Houston we might not be here right now. Since clinching a Playoff Spot back two weeks ago today. After the shock of the Postseason taking out the St. Louis Cardinals in the first game scoring 6 straight runs in the 9th and sending Cardinals Fans to the exits and exactly 11 Years to the day sending the Phillies home? Sweet revenge is even sweeter when you do it on their Home Field.

Sending The World Champion Braves Packing: 

Then Friday & Saturday Phils Playoffs Home Games against the Defending World Series Champions Atlanta Braves. The place was electrified after not being for 11 Years and it lived up to the hype. All thanks to two of the Home Runs that had changed the game around and the Series.

The first one come from Rhys Hoskins who was 0 for since September 30th and in the bottom of the Third where Brandon Marsh got to Third then Bryson Stott brought him on a base hit to give Phils 1–0 lead Rhys came up to bat turning the crowd into a frenzy and they never looked back. The next day, one win from heading to the NLCS Brandon Marsh came up and another Home Run changed the game with one swing in the NLCS. And the cinderella Phillies do it again and our 4 More Wins from heading back to the World Series.

Four More Wins and You’re In The Big Dance 

As for the Cinderella Philadelphia Phillies, they will keep on dancing. Or Dancing on my Own until they can’t go anymore Now the Phillies have a date with the San Diego Padres more wins the number will continue to shrink down will be Dancing On My Own as a World Champion.

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