What if the Eagles could trade for both of them?

What if the Eagles could trade for both of them? I’ve seen multiple reports that allegedly the Eagles could trade for DK Metcalf. Well, as we know Howie will and should also be exploring the trade market for “their” quarterback. It’s no secret that Russell Wilson could very well be on the move as well. Could Howie pull off a trade for both DK and Russ?

Solidify the Offense

Now, to start, I gotta say if Russell and DK are available via trade. That means Seattle is full steam ahead on a total rebuild. Let’s face it, Pete Carroll may retire and the Seahawks have many holes on both sides of the ball. A total roster strip down could very well be on the horizon.


The Eagles need another wide receiver opposite DeVonta Smith that much we know is an absolute must. However, it could come in free agency. Money instead of draft capital is normally the way to go. Except for this case possibly. Let’s break it down. DK has one more year on his rookie contract. After this season he absolutely is gonna get paid big. Seattle should not be looking to hand out big money if indeed they are looking into a rebuild. The Eagles gave money to spend. Money we already assume will go towards a much-needed receiver. Getting a big receiver on the outside that can stretch the field would only help DeVonta get open as well. It’s a win-win.

When it comes to a Russ Wilson trade what can be said that hasn’t already. If Howie can get him and not have to overpay. It’s a must really. We have seen many hypothetical trade scenarios as well as a national TV sports bozo sharing his two cents on what it could take to get Russ in midnight green.

Can you imagine? Russ is under center. DeVonta and DK on the outside. Dallas Goedert lined up in the slot. Last year’s #1 rushing offense. Not to mention the best offensive line arguably in the league. Something that Russ has been without and in search of. Right now it’s an offense we can only dream about. A dream that could become reality.

But at what cost?

What would it cost though? First-round picks and a large portion of their salary cap. DK is only on the books for $3.5 million this upcoming season. However, Russ carries a cap hit just north of $32 million. The draft picks, you’re looking at at least 2 of your 3 of this year’s firsts for Russ.

Dolans Bar

Now, I’m sure Seattle will lobby for more for Russ but on the DK side of anything, they will be looking for a first-round pick for Metcalf as well. I think a second is reasonable for DK who is in line for a big payday. Although, if it takes all three first-round picks of this year’s draft and this year’s draft only for both Russ and DK. I think you really need to take a look at that. The Eagles will have plenty of draft capital for days 2 and 3 of the draft to focus on defense and depth.

Could the price be steep? Too steep. Absolutely. Could Howie hang the phone up right away when Seattle reveals their asking price? Of course. To me, getting the Quarterback you desire and a much-needed outside threat to complement DeVonta is worth taking a real consideration at what is being presented. Use the rest of the draft to strengthen your defense for years to come. Kind of a no-brainer, right?

A lot of answers will be answered in just a few weeks when the new league year opens.

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