Why Harden to the Sixers is unlikely

Why Harden to the Sixers is unlikely. The Sixers are still being rumored as the top spot for James Harden. Don’t wanna burst anyone and everyone’s bubble but there is zero chance of this happening.

A few things here.

For starters, if the Rockets would take anything less than Ben Simmons their fanbase should boycott to the fullest extent. This should/could be a (peaceful) protest bigger than anything we’ve seen yet. The whole idea behind the trade would be for the Rockets future and Ben not being included does the exact opposite. Sixers don’t want to offer Ben, period. Not going to happen.

Next, Team fit. I don’t see it. I don’t think it’s there. Sure, get mad at me. I just don’t see how Ben and James, two ball-dominant players can be on the court together.

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And lastly, why would Houston wanna help Philadelphia? Daryl Morey just left the Rockets organization claiming he was going to take a year off. Then, within no time at all. Signs on as the next President of the Sixers.

I’m all for pipedreams. However, I’m also all for being realistic. And to be honest, do the Sixers even need James Harden? Let’s not forgot this team has such a bright future now with the team President and Head Coach to lead the way.

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