Will Penn State Tackle Rasheed Walker Succeed in the NFL?

Rasheed Walker is a physical, aggressive offensive tackle who is an above-average lineman, particularly in terms of run-blocking. According to The 33rd Team, the 6’6,” 313-pound Walker “makes an effort to drive every opponent into the dirt.”

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Now 22 years old, the former four-star recruit out of Maryland’s North Point High School made 32 career states at Penn State between 2019 and 2021, though he missed the final three games of his senior season due to a bone bruise on his knee. He showed lots of promise in 2019 and ’20, but some observers say he took a step back in 2021.

According to Bleacher Report, Walker “has a sturdy, thick all-around build with good arm length. He has a special blend of size, natural power, and body control to generate movement, stay balanced and finish through contact.”

Among Other Strengths

Walker generates tremendous force through the ground to arrest and halt power-rushers who attempt to go down the middle of his frame. In the run game, he excels at uprooting defenders with his lower-body strength and ability to generate torque on angle-drive, base, and kick-out blocks.

Weaknesses? By several accounts, Rasheed Walker is inconsistent in pass protection with his set points. He over-relies on using two-hand strikes to initiate contact, which causes his hips and shoulders to fly open, creating soft edges for rushers to exploit and win quickly both around the corner and inside. He also sometimes takes inconsistent angles to the second level, which could leave him susceptible to athletic pass rushers.

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Walker’s NFL outlook?

According to The 33rd Team, Walker has plenty of potential for growth, though he will need some quality coaching to improve his technique. He is generally expected to be taken in the 3rd round of this year’s NFL Draft and is considered to be a high-level backup offensive tackle and a potential starter. For more draft coverage click here.

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