With the MLB Divided, Where Does This Leave the Fans?

With the recent rejection of the owner’s offer to get baseball started, the Commissioner is planted firmly in the hot seat. Owners are bleeding money without games being played. The man hearing it all, Rob Manfred, seems backed into a corner of “America’s Pasttime”

In my mind, Manfred must mandate some type of schedule, albeit without fans. Television revenue drives his sport. The owners can possibly recoup some of their losses via people being starved for sports. Would pay per view be an option? … Although the MLB put a fork in that.

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If Manfred orders a season… whether it be 50 or 100 games, the players made it clear they are NOT taking pay cuts. Millions of Americans currently have either very limited or zero income. What will the reaction of these fine folks be? Wait… I have nothing and you would be making, even with a reduction in pay, ten times more than I make in three years!

Consider the players, en masse saying, “we aren’t playing!”… now what? Is Replacement players for a fraction of the salary an answer? Do players refusing to play transcends into a win for the owners? No play, no pay! The owners will not lose anything from ticket sales as there won’t most likely be any.

The next step? If a player opts to sit out, the contract can be voided this making that individual a “free agent”? With the players union showing solidarity, where does the umpire’s union stand? Will they support the players? Will this be worse than the strike in the 90s?

Just when it looked as if things were getting better. Thanks to the big underlying issue in this country, greed, things took three steps back. Where do you stand in this issue? Are you pro players or pro owners? Will this hurt your interest in baseball? Time will tell.

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