WWE Draft Will Change The Show

The NFL draft isn’t the only draft taking place this week. The WWE draft is also taking place this week, starting on Friday night Smackdown on Fox. The WWE draft will then continue on Monday Night Raw on the USA network.   In the WWE, there is no offseason, no time off. There is no way of starting new. The draft is a good way to press that reset. The WWE draft gives WWE a chance to start a new. This allows them to press the restart button on all the storylines and rivals currently taking place.

HHH Calling the Shots

HHH is a true legend in the world of professional wrestling. The two-time WWE Hall of Famer is now the WWE’s chief content officer. He oversees all creative bookings within the WWE.  When he speaks, people listen. HHH has promised the fans that “this year’s draft will truly change the game.” His words carry a little more weight due to what he has accomplished within this industry.  This comment has got the fans talking and wondering what is in store for the WWE. Now that HHH is getting his chance to get a fresh slate and do things his way. What major changes will we see? 

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Shiny New Belt

The first major change was shown to the world this past Monday on RAW. HHH standing in the middle of the ring, announced a new world championship belt. On Saturday, May 27th, at night of champions, a champion will be crowned for the new belt. HHH followed that news by stating whatever show the current undisputed WWE champ.  The Trible Chief Roman Reigns gets drafted, too; he will take his title with him.  He will defend the belt on that show only. Currently, Roman was bouncing back and forth between Raw and Smackdown as the champion of both shows. This news now gives both shows their stand-alone belt and will help keep the brands split.

BREAKING NEWS: WWE will crown a BRAND NEW World Heavyweight Champion on May 27 at #NightofChampions!

@TripleH has brought back a legendary championship on #WWERaw that The Game knows all too well!

Originally tweeted by WWE (@WWE) on April 25, 2023.

Making New Stars

The WWE draft is the WWE’s chance to make new stars. One person I hope truly breaks out following this draft is Montez Ford of the tag team Street Profits. Ford has all the makings of a true star. He has the look. He has the in-ring ability. But most of all, he can produce a great promo on the mic. One of the biggest skills needed to be a star in the WWE.  The only thing holding him back is the tag team he is currently involved in. The Street Profits are a true babyface team. I get the feeling that WWE does not want to turn either Montez Ford or Angelo Dawkins heel to break them up and allow them to be solo stars. The best path forward would be to use the draft to split them up without turning either heel.

How Will the WWE Draft Change the Show

The fans have been told that during the WWE draft, and no one is safe. Teams will be split. Maybe even bloodlines will be spilt. We have seen from actions already taken we are in store for some huge moments. What will happen Friday when the draft starts? What new storylines will be produced because of the selections in the draft? No one knows for sure. But what we do know is all these questions will be answered Friday. Be sure to tune in to Fox this Friday at 8 to see how the landscape of the WWE changes forever due to the WWE Draft. 

Joey Wood
Joey Wood

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